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Allow Vault files to be edited in place

Allow Vault files to be edited in place

Helpful | Level 5

Placing a file in vault means you can no longer edit it in the way you are used to. See for clarification. There are files that I would like to keep in vault but that I need edit access to on a daily basis. 

Explorer | Level 3

vault needs some work...

New member | Level 2

Couldn't agree more. One NEEDS to be able to edit information in the VAULT!!! We don't want to be locked out of our own stuff, unable to add, edit, search..... that's pretty lame. Please upgrade this.

Lam L.1
New member | Level 2

Hi there,

Facing the same problem with my Vault like others. Unable to save a file to folders in Vault directly. Cannot access the files in Vault when the internet connection is down. Not friendly user at all.

Before using Vault, thought Dropbox is the perfect one but now very disappointed. Hope Dropbox will improve by allowing Vault to be accessed through Desktop. 


Thank you.

New member | Level 2

I've finally Had It with Sookasa, so I moved most of the stuff I'd had there, into Vault.
I have an Excel file that I pretty much keep open all day, and make frequent edits on. I'd like to keep just a little more secure (because it has booking numbers), but I really need to be able to just open/save it from within File Explorer, like I do with everything else.

Also, I've got client folders that I have moved into Vault, and while I don't always need to be able t pull things out to edit them, I do frequently save files into those folders, and again, would like to do so seamlessly via File Explorer.

Please don't make me go back out into the world, looking for an encryption program that doesn't suck.

Helpful | Level 6

Why is this possible in OneDrive's Vault and not in Dropbox?

Explorer | Level 4

One frustration I have with using Dropbox Vault is the inability to edit document online. I have to first download the document, then edit using a desktop app, which is very tedious. I have to say - the Microsoft OneDrive Vault does facilitate for this.


Please enable online editing for Dropbox Vault documents.

New member | Level 2

Please add this feature. Vault is unusable without it. I moved a bunch of sensitive type documents to Vault, and moved them out within 24 hours when I had issues accessing them at all except by logging onto the website. Totally useless for me, even for files I don't need to edit. The shortcut brings me to Windows Explorer, probably because this is how I prefer to access all of my files. Even just making that link open properly would at least give it some useful function though I still need to be able to edit normally as any other file.

Explorer | Level 3

As many users have already commented, there's a problem with not being able to edit files that are in the vault. In my case, it's text files that contain sensitive information (including a backup of my LastPass database, for instance). It's not really a backup, it's the primary list, and LastPass follows. This file gets edited constantly, and Vault is the obvious smart place to put it. But if I have to pull it out every time I need to update a PW, that's a big problem with time and hassle. Yes, I could just use LastPass, but it's not always available when I need to logon to something. I hope this can be addressed soon, thank you!

New member | Level 2

This 'feature' of the vault pretty much renders it unusable.


password access to certain files is something i asked dropbox for years ago. here i thought my Enhancement Request had been answered!  This implementation of a solution is pretty unworkable. My wife will never figure it out, and it forces me to be involved every step of the way.

EPIC FAIL in terms of User Interface

Explorer | Level 3

I have not yet utilized the Dropbox Vault for this very reason, and have been waiting for the choice to edit my information, should it become necessary. I do recognize the legal implications surrounding this issue, and am hopeful that Dropbox will provide solutions to benefit everyone involved. 

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