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Allow connected apps to only access specific folders.

Allow connected apps to only access specific folders.

New member | Level 2

Let the third party apps access all folders would be a very dangerous permission, Dropbox should let the users choose which folder would serve as a root folder for the third party apps. For example, an online IDE should access only folders storing programming codes, or a music player app should access only folders containing music.

The feature is somehow like the actual function of Linux command mkroot, but take effect via settings. 


This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Collaborator | Level 8



There is something I have always wanted to see in Dropbox - the ability to give apps access to my public Dropbox files by default, with only one or two key apps being able to view both public and private sections.


There are some apps that have a limited applicaion (e-signing, etc.) and they are made in other countries.  It may say that they only access Dropbox while I am using them, or indicate it is only in the files that I am working on, but I feel it is a security risk. How do I know they don't automatically harvest everything?  Do you restrict them in any way, to only the files I am actively working with, and only when I am actively using the app?  I have never seen any discussion of this.


I like the convenience of having more sensitive data available across all my devices, but would like to limit that to the one or two apps that I trust the most (unless you have enabled protections such as described above).


So, the suggestion is; we segment our folders under Private or Public.  Let current app deverlopers have full access for the near term, with the realization that we will begin to select against them if they don't change their apps to support split access permission.


Would appreciate feedback on this suggestion.


Thank you.


Regards, Kent

Collaborator | Level 8

It seems we are starting to see this with the new vault feature that was just rolled out, and I haven't had time to try yet.

Helpful | Level 5

Just like Apple allows you to choose what you allow apps to access on your iPhone (my photos, or just a selection; my location history, or just temporarily), dropbox should have the following setting:


For each Connected App, I want to choose which folders (and what account information) they can see.




People use dropbox for lots of different use cases.


Now, as soon as I even put one sensitive file in my Dropbox, I will forever have to give up all the great integrations with great apps that make my life much better, but by default ask for all-folder access.  For example:

- Zapier


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