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Allow us to show/hide sidebar items on the website

Allow us to show/hide sidebar items on the website

Helpful | Level 6

I love new features, don't get me wrong, but not at the cost of them cluttering up the UI with features I rarely (or never) use. The sidebar on the web keeps growing with no way to tame it. How about implementing a Gmail-style menu system where you can bury menu items you don't want to see, but can still access if need-be... this way the UI can be more tuned to how an individual uses it?

New member | Level 2

I agree with everyone here! I just downloaded the Dropbox app on my iPad to read some documents more easily. I found I could not hide the menu/file bar while reading, so half my screen was taken up with the file explorer bar on the left and the open PDF on the right. It would be great if I could hide the bar on the left to focus solely on the PDF while reading and it would provide a lot less visual distraction for this task. I can’t believe there’s no way to hide/expand the sidebar, it’s really frustrating and making me question whether I should go with a different cloud service.

New member | Level 2

Please, have the sidebar collapsed on page load.

Please, show 1080P not 720P when I upload HD videos.

Please, do not take up 20% of the screen's real estate with your branding when I'm paying $200 a year

New member | Level 2



The right sidebar feature is redundant. I don't need to know the name of the folder I've opened, it's already there in the middle. It takes up so much space, I can't see the file names within the folder and have been using dropbox less and less for this reason. (It's frustrating because I pay for dropbox nevertheless). 

Can both the left and right sidebars have resize features added? 




Explorer | Level 4

This idea DOES NOT need more votes.  Dropbox is practically useless with the sidebar widths that exist.  It severely hinders my workflow and makes the UX / UI useless. 


Why is it every time I visit the site the right sidebar has to expand?  It gets in the way!


Please Dropbox, fix the sidebar widths, or give us an option to collapse them ourselves.  I am so tired of tech companies constantly changing their UI's for the sake of change. 


And what is up with the sidebar on the left?  It is completely useless.

New member | Level 2

I'm totally with you on this. That right sidebar is irritating- and that I have to close it every single time I open a new document from my Dropbox folder is doubly irritating!


My particular use is a folder full of pdfs and I'm constantly flipping through the pdfs. For some reason the sidebar takes up almost 50% of the width of the window, and I never use anything it contains, so each time I open a pdf I have to wait for the sidebar to open, then close it, then start what I need to do


Thanks for fixing this!


Explorer | Level 3

Every effort that can be made for easy reading of pdf is welcome. I don't pay money to Dropbox to get cloud storage. There are so many free options. For collaboration, I use Teams. 

If there is a good percentage of Dropbox paying clients who are pdf readers, then Dropbox should take an active effort to enhance the services to this group.

It is widely reported in the internet by independent analysts that the rate of growth of the paying clients  is not healthy for Dropbox. No surprise. 


New member | Level 2

As a graphic designer, sending clients a Dropbox link is hoping that they will get to see the image as big and detailed as possible. The sidebar KILLS that experience. Instead of first thought being "oh this looks great' it's "how do I move this sidebar thing"

It basically feels like a pop-up. There's just no one (at least in my world) using the comment feature enough to justify it.

New member | Level 2

I agree that the right hand side bar is too large and takes up too much space. There must be a way to turn this off or reduce the width.

New member | Level 2

I can't believe there's not a way to roll back a view to what it was previously. I HATE the new view!!!  WHY would I want 1/3 of my screen blank on the Right side? Please dropbox! Use your heads! Let your customers have a voice! Or we'll go somewhere that dose.

Suzanne Alton

Helpful | Level 5

Dropbox.... please.... you don't understand how absolutely $%&@ing horrible it is using your entire site. Give me a way to disable the sidebar popping up. I don't need to see a giant blank space with no comments, I need to see the document I'm trying to open. No one on my team collaborates this way. It takes up a full third of the screen!! And, when I close the sidebar, please don't make the document full-screen! My eyes work just fine - please just zoom to 100%. 


Please.... I'm begging you.