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Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Helpful | Level 6



They are looking to release in the first half of 2022 (link to post)



Increased Transparency: Public Roadmaps and Development Backlogs



Original Post:


Please can you upgrade the Dropbox app so that it works natively on Apple Silicon Macs (M1) without Rosetta.


Rosetta is not an option as it annihilates the battery.


This may be a duplicate of the below idea however that started for ARM processors in general and you haven't looked at it in 6 years so starting an Apple specific idea in the hope you see it.


There are also lots of comments on this thread to help support the case for demand: 

Explorer | Level 4

Like many others here, I've been using Dropbox since it was invite-only and they used to have annual scavenger hunts to get extra space (those were fun). However, things like this and the current pricing (I have no need for 2TB; give other price options and tiers for your everyday users) have made me move over to another solution on my new MacBook Pro. I've also turned off renewal. Perhaps - and that's a big maybe - I'll give it a go again if the Apple Silicon version comes out in the near future...

Explorer | Level 4


Helpful | Level 5

Shame on you Dropbox. Another bad move...

Helpful | Level 5

Yeah, I'm sorry but H1 is not good enough. We need this NOW. Everybody in the company that can use a keyboard should be on this. It's incredibly bad and the impression the damage control left is not a good one.

Helpful | Level 5

I've created a story to try and get Dropbox to increate their transparency and help existing users reconnect and re-build trust with them in the light of this mess - if anyone's interested and not jumping ship just yet.

Simon Vammen
New member | Level 2


This is ridiculous..

Am I understanding this correct, that they will not update the app before 2022???

How can a service that sells professional subscriptions be that slow in updating their software?

An enterprise that has the pro subscription, are with a change to the new M1Pro/Max not able to run the Desktop version of dropbox?


I have just received my new 14" M1Pro mac, and the desktop version installation file wont run on this mac?


Will I see a deduction in my monthly subscription, until everything works? - Or will I need to seek other cloud storage services as a replacement for Dropbox?

Helpful | Level 7

Won't be renewing either way. It's taken too long for me to still be able to take Dropbox seriously. I'll be taking giving money to a company who actually cares — or at least pretends to. Dropbox, you didn't even pretend. And now you're even making excuses. Had this been a personal relationship, I would've cut you off a long time ago. Farewell. You will not be missed.

Explorer | Level 3

At this time, the M1 Macs have been out for almost a year. Dropbox is being negligent and clearly doesn't care about its customers, if I hadn't a annual account, I would cancel immediately  

New member | Level 2

No native client a year later? It seems like Dropbox lacks a coherent product roadmap to address more modern processors.  Maybe they cannot afford the cost of maintaining complex software. 

Honestly, I already pay for an Office 365 subscription and it comes with Onedrive, which surprisingly isn’t bad.  Ever since Office was hardwired to only use Onedrive for auto save, I’ve been thinking I should migrate but it’s a minor hassle. It sounds like another ISV is going to get crushed by MSFT for either a lack of attention to customer needs or a lack of capital to keep up with the competitive landscape.  I had a cloud service called Mozy a while back that died the same way.   If Dropbox thinks the people who are paying $4k for a new MacBook will accept mediocre software ruining that, it’s going to be interesting to watch market forces play out as most of those users already pay for Onedrive too. 

Michael Bissig
New member | Level 2

Please! Most Software is M1 by now. Can you please hurry up, otherwise we'll have to move. There are other options. Can't be that hard 😉

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