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Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Helpful | Level 5

Please can you upgrade the Dropbox app so that it works natively on Apple Silicon Macs (M1) without Rosetta.


Rosetta is not an option as it annihilates the battery.


This may be a duplicate of the below idea however that started for ARM processors in general and you haven't looked at it in 6 years so starting an Apple specific idea in the hope you see it.


There are also lots of comments on this thread to help support the case for demand: 

New member | Level 2

Would be great to see this happen! OneDrive did announce that the M1 version is coming in November OneDrive will soon run natively on Apple M1 silicon | TechRadar

Helpful | Level 5

Hi, I'm one of these business users that are going to upgrade to M1 Macs. Any news from Dropbox?


New member | Level 2

This is becoming a joke, dropbox is premium and should have native m1 support by now.

Helpful | Level 5

@Lori  This really shouldn’t be something that we vote on. If Dropbox wants to support Macs it HAS to include that, otherwise it shouldn’t be available for the platform anymore and customers have to go somewhere else - it’s a simple business decision and not a nice-to-have!

Explorer | Level 4

@Lori What is wrong with you guys, seriously?


This request can be combined with the 436 Votes from "Desktop app (with syncing) for devices with ARM processors" ( since both request an ARM optimized version. Combine the votes and you have the most requested feature for dropbox in 2021.

New member | Level 2

This is becoming comical. Time to stop sending them money, just have to find the time to move the data. I guess I should do that on an _old_ intel mac.

Marc A.6
Helpful | Level 7



I went back to a free plan some time ago. Not going to pay for outdated software.

New member | Level 2

This is ridiculous.  Apple has changed the MacBook Air and Pro lineups with the M1 and the iMac is now also M1.  We all know that Apple is changing the entire Mac lineup to M1.  Even the iPad Pro uses the M1.   Time for DropBox to get going and get us universal binary or M1 native version ASAP.  My school, Liberty University, uses both DropBox and OneDrive.  Time to get the developers busy and stop with the maintenance Intel updates only.

Helpful | Level 6
Dear Dropbox,

Apple silicon has been announced on november 10 of 2020. Almost one year ago.

There are a few threads running with the request of releasing a native M1 version for Apple silicon users, since Dropbox is amongst one of the only apps/software left that doesn’t run natively.

The problem being that Dropbox is a memory hog and we’d like to see this fixed.

Since we apparently don’t have the right to an answer in those threads and when you do answer you’re just evading the question, I thought it’s be a great idea to start a new post.

When oh when will we see a native M1 version?

Is there anyone at Dropbox who knows? Is there even anyone who cares at this point?

Give us something. A timeline. A hard no. Anything. So we - M1 users waiting for a native version - can at least know what we’re up against and cancel out membership if need be.

Thank you for reading.
But more so, thank you for replying.

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