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Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Apple Silicon (M1) Desktop Sync Compatibility

Helpful | Level 6



They are looking to release in the first half of 2022 (link to post)



Increased Transparency: Public Roadmaps and Development Backlogs



Original Post:


Please can you upgrade the Dropbox app so that it works natively on Apple Silicon Macs (M1) without Rosetta.


Rosetta is not an option as it annihilates the battery.


This may be a duplicate of the below idea however that started for ARM processors in general and you haven't looked at it in 6 years so starting an Apple specific idea in the hope you see it.


There are also lots of comments on this thread to help support the case for demand: 

Explorer | Level 4

Hopefully this is well into the development process. Box and Google Drive have now released full M1 support, so Dropbox will be losing my company's business in the near future if they aren't working to update their product.

Helpful | Level 5

I hadn't found this thread when I started up a completely similar thread at I'm just pasting that URL here so that both threads are linked - anything to convince Dropbox that the community really wants this.


This thread is already linked in my thread.


Cheers --Mike

New member | Level 2

I am leaving dropbox. No Dark mode and no m1 support.. 

what a lazy company.

Explorer | Level 3

This needs to happen, dropbox, what's going on????? Are you for real?

New member | Level 2

This is a major need.

Helpful | Level 6

I've cancelled my dropbox months ago due to this customer-ignoring attitude. You put engineers on Dropbox Replay but don't care that it doesn't run on new Macs natively for a year and a half already?


To everyone else: icloud sync works perfectly fine, native, well integrated, no extra memory usage. I can recommend.

Helpful | Level 5

It's very sad and frustrating to see Dropbox so out of touch with their customer base. M1 macs are here to stay and intel Macs are on their way out so it seems utterly ridiculous that this isn't already being worked on as part of just keeping up with Mac support.

New member | Level 2

4th biggest laptop manufacturer in the US changes its chipset.


Dropbox: "Needs more votes"

New member | Level 2

Absurd this isn't done yet.

New member | Level 2

Yeah I'm jumping ship also if this isn't prioritised soon. The battery hit alone makes it an essential need, but honestly it should have been on their roadmap ages ago. Dropbox isn't the only solution for file storage, there are plenty of options out there.

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