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Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray. Dropbox now looks offline all the time.

Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray. Dropbox now looks offline all the time.

Helpful | Level 6

In my Windows system tray (next to the clock), Dropbox used to show that it was fully synced by showing a green check-mark over the Dropbox icon. This was really helpfull. 

If Dropbox was offline, it would show no overlay icon. 

Recently (and according to Dropbox itsself) this has changed, the Dropbox icon now shows no overlay if it is fully synced, but to me, i constantly think my Dropbox is offline, instead of 'fully synced'.

So the idea is: please bring back the green 'fully synced' checkmark. Or -at least- make it an option to show it. 

Please upvote this idea if you agree 

Helpful | Level 6

Don't give up hope, everyone.


I'll repost the reply I got from dropbox support.....


"Hi John,

Thank you for reaching back out.

I'm really sorry that this product update isn't what you expected. We are aware of this discussion on the forum and I have passed along your feedback to the relevant department.

Our customers' feedback is very valuable to us. Your comments will be heard; however, I cannot guarantee when and if this change is reverted.

Please feel free to write in again at any time if there's anything else I could help you with.

Other than that, I would like to thank you again for the time you devoted in providing us this feedback!"




Dropbox are aware of this thread; they are aware of the hashtag #BringBackTheGreenTick and they are reading these posts so keep posting and using the hashtag.


As others have pointed out, only a very small fraction of dropbox users will have taken the time to come here and post their thoughts - there will be many times that number who are equally fed up with seeing the green tick/checkmark vanish from the icon but have not voiced their concerns.


If you haven't contacted dropbox support yet then can I suggest that you do. The more emails they get on top of this thread and the hashtag then the more chance of them doing something about it and giving us our green tick back. Also, remember to up-vote the opening post on this thread.


Perseverance is the key here, so let's keep up the pressure.





Explorer | Level 4

Update of Dropbox ICON is not good. Please update the icon in a more better way like

When Connecting To the internet it should be Green  (When Up to date) & Yellow (While Updating the files).


and When Not Connected to the internet it should be shown as Red.


The different icons are better to understand the position of Dropbox.


As per your latest update it create more confusion to idetinfy the Dropbox Status.


Please look into the matter.

Explorer | Level 4

Same here.

I have unlimited access to Microsoft One Drive with my MS Office subscriptions, I have access to Google Drive with my Google account, I have access to other cloud storages (Acronis, etc.) but, so far, I have been preferring paying for Dropbox because I considered it worked better and I had a feeling of safety which is now vanishing because of that incongruous change.

Unfortunatly, as I have read somewhere else in this thread, I have now the feeling that whosoever has conceived this change will be so full of his own ego and vainness that I don't expect a one-eighty.

And, as the rage will soon fade-out, we will all be stuck with a done deal... It's so sad that I want to cry...


Super User II
Explorer | Level 4

I am also a victim of this problem. I also request to bring back green icon to system tray.

Explorer | Level 4

This is the 2nd statement concerning the green check mark missing from the DropBox system tray. I have received approximately 110 comments from my statement made about two weeks ago. One of the last comments made by another customer  was "as time goes by the request will fade". Also If one reads between the lines of the comments from DropBox,  their philosophy  is to let time take its course.  I am of the opinion that the presure should continue until DropBOX resolves the issue.

New member | Level 2

The previous tray icon had a little green circle with a white check mark in the middle if Dropbox was synced. This was a perfect universal icon to signify that everything was synced up. This was obvious to a 5 year year old. Why would you ever change that? Were your users complaining that it was confusing, I doubt it. Listen to your user, not the software engineers! When I look at the new icon I think it is not active or connected! Then ironically you open the popup and you show legend that has a check mark which signifies "Up to date". Also, you felt the need to display a message explaining the new Icon(hello). The fact that you felt you needed a message to explain the new icon should have been a clue that it was a mistake. 


Did you ever need a message explaining what a green circle with a white check mark meant?


Please put the green circle with the white check back on the tray icon to signify that Dropbox is synced, it was simple and perfect! (I said please)


DB pic.png



Super User II

As previously posted requests for changes need to go in to the Feature Requests area - https:confused face:/

Im closing this thread so that no further posts can be made and they are added to the correct area (where they are then counted).


Moderator edit: This was a response to another post above, originally in a different thread. The message and the post it's in response to were merged into this thread. This thread has not been closed.

Explorer | Level 4

This was a stupid change. I've been a loyal paid subscriber for years. This more than anything else has me reconsidering alternatives. At least offer an option in the preferences to show the checkmark.

Explorer | Level 4

I'm a paid customer. It's stupid for the Dropbox team to remove the green checkmark. It's even more stupid for them to ask for two screenshots to compare. It's not about how the screen DISPLAYS it, it's about how our eyes SEE it. Please take into the consideration the brightness/glare/reflection of the screen, the lighting condition of the environment and the eyesight of the user! I just took two photos of my screen, both set at the same brightness (set at "darker" which is what I usually use at night), which better approximate how we see than the screenshots. It's almost like an eye test to me. 





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