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Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray. Dropbox now looks offline all the time.

Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray. Dropbox now looks offline all the time.

Helpful | Level 6

In my Windows system tray (next to the clock), Dropbox used to show that it was fully synced by showing a green check-mark over the Dropbox icon. This was really helpfull. 

If Dropbox was offline, it would show no overlay icon. 

Recently (and according to Dropbox itsself) this has changed, the Dropbox icon now shows no overlay if it is fully synced, but to me, i constantly think my Dropbox is offline, instead of 'fully synced'.

So the idea is: please bring back the green 'fully synced' checkmark. Or -at least- make it an option to show it. 

Please upvote this idea if you agree 

New member | Level 2

In looking at the UI for even Microsoft Defender on Windows 10, you can see that there is a green check (or tick) when everything is exactly how it should be. I don't know of any reason that the UI for all OS can't have the green check, or at least some other indicator... A black and white check... and a black and white slash to indicate it's not synced... Anything but dimming the icon...


In addition, I really don't think this has been explained by dropbox enough to say it's keeping in line with all OS UI. I've worked in Windows, Linux, Macs, and more with many different flavors of each. I don't see how changing the UI of the synced/non-synced cannot be done to fit all of those... Something, anything other than the dimming of the icon.

Helpful | Level 5

Very stupid change. Much less intuitive in actual use. The original scheme was vastly superior. This is a prime example of change for changes' sake.  If the intention is to match other platforms then, obviously, these should be changed to match the Windows scheme, not the other way round! A return to both the original icons (and additionally, the older blue icon - so much easier to find in the tray!) would be an obvious fix if programmers are short of useful work.

Helpful | Level 6



"In any case, please note that it is not possible to revert to the previous system tray green checkmark icon."


So there you have it folks - stupidity, ignorance and outright lies to boot!


Of course it's "possible" to change it back, in fact,  not only is it possible, it's easy! Do they think we were born yesterday?


This is no way to treat your customers and userbase, Dropbox!


As someone else pointed out, you don't bow down to lesser operating systems. If Dropbox wanted them all to look the same then make the others look like Windows!!! Not the other way round.


Also, even if they continue down the road with this madness then why not simply put an option in preferences to have the tick back if an individual user prefers it that way?


Whomever is responsible for doing this to dropbox is an idiot should immediately be given a Darwin Award.


Dropbox, you insult my intelligence by claiming that bringing back the green tick isn't possible. It's just code FGS! You coded it originally, then you coded some more and removed the tick, so just write some more code and bring it back.


You couldn't make this up!


Welcome to Clownworld folks.



Explorer | Level 3

I also wish the tray icon with the green tick would be brought back. It was much more intuitive! I hate this new scheme! Also, before being dismissed, I am a paying customer with an enterprise account.

You know, Skype did something similar some years back, when they changed the invisible icon to be identical to the offline icon... You know what happened? I stopped using Skype.

Explorer | Level 4

Nice post, @JohnMurray! That's exactly right. I've seen some people already comment on how to hack the icon, though it sounded a bit complicated, and probably wouldn't work long-term. But yeah, your point is spot-on, it's totally doable to get the green checkbox back. They're just being stubborn and not swallowing their pride in order to do what's right for the DropBox community. Keep the posts and upvotes coming, this thread is #2 on the "Top List" now for upvotes!!

Explorer | Level 4

So, I'm afraid I really am going to do it... I'm going to cancel my paid Dropbox subscription after I honestly don't know how many years. I just can't live without the green tick.


Well, of course I *could*, but I'm not prepared to continue paying $100/year to a company that:


a.) Does something this stupid

b.) Refuses to fix this stupid thing


Hopefully, when Dropbox sees real paying users really cancelling, it might actually do something about it. Until then, hello OneDrive (sigh)!




New member | Level 2

Another vote - the green check mark was a much better visual than the solid gray or translucent gray. 

Please bring the green check mark back. 

Explorer | Level 4

Bring it back PLEASE!!  It's so hard to tell the difference between a white drobox system tray icon and a grey one.  The green check was a much-loved feature.

Explorer | Level 4

Oh yes this needs to come back.  We sell Dropbox Busines and this has been a major.  The new icon without a green tick looks like it's offline or not signed in.


The green tick was so easy and obvious to users.  Meant at a glace you could confirm Dropbox was online and up-to-date.  


Dropbox has been so awesome, one of the main reason we sell it is there have not been a pile of unecessary changes like this... until now...



New member | Level 2

So ridiculous.  Has Dropbox become a Microsoft wanna be?  "lets see, start menu that everyone has been trained to understand...nah, take it out".  Now Dropbox, "hmmm, UI checkbox that everyone now knows is a reliable means to determine if everything is in sync.... nah not needed, take it out."

C'mon, why change things that work and have been trained.  There is no legitimate need to remove the checkmark indicator.


Please put it back.

As others have mentioned, do not feed us bs that it is not possible.  Of course its possible.  MS put the start menu back, you can put a tiny little indicator back.

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