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Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray.

Bring back the green 'synced' checkmark in the system tray.

Helpful | Level 6

In my Windows system tray (next to the clock), Dropbox used to show that it was fully synced by showing a green check-mark over the Dropbox icon. This was really helpfull. 

If Dropbox was offline, it would show no overlay icon. 

Recently (and according to Dropbox itsself) this has changed, the Dropbox icon now shows no overlay if it is fully synced, but to me, i constantly think my Dropbox is offline, instead of 'fully synced'.

So the idea is: please bring back the green 'fully synced' checkmark. Or -at least- make it an option to show it. 

Please upvote this idea if you agree :white_check_mark:

Helpful | Level 5

Yes, PLEASE bring the green checkmark to the Dropbox logo on my system tray. 

I don't understand why it was removed in the first place. 

Bring it back PLEASE 

Helpful | Level 5

+1 on that.


My brain just cannot adjust to the lack of a green tick. Every time I look at the icon in the tray, I keep thinking it's gone offline (even though I know it hasn't)


PLEASE bring it back or at least give us an option where we can switch it on or off.


Thanks for listening!



Helpful | Level 5

This was a shocking change IMO. I deffinately want my green check mark back! 

New member | Level 2

Why was the green checkmark on the system tray icon recently removed?  It was a visual confirmation that my dropbox was in synch.   Now it appears that dropbox is constantly offline and I have to hover over the icon multiple times a day to assure myself that dropbox is in synch.  Please bring it back, or allow me the option of reinstalling the last version that supports that feature.

Helpful | Level 5

Please bring back the GREEN TICK or CHECKMARK :white_check_mark: as Americans call it, in the system tray to indicate when fully syncronised. Thank you.

New member | Level 2
yes - it is ABSURD 'if it ain't broke don't 'fix' it' scenario -- really it's just logic-NERDS who wreck ANYTHING that makes using computers FUN - this is the story of the green dropbox 'in-synch' checkmark - it was FUN there fore completely logical that phuck-tards/nerds at dropbox would take it away
Helpful | Level 5

I agree. Please, just MAKE IT A SETTING.

Explorer | Level 4

That was the stupidest update ever. I can't even think of any reason why they would remove such an important thing like that. Unless that was removed by accident, I think they went nuts over there.

Bring it back or at least make it optional.

Super User II

The only thing that has changed is how the icon is presented.


When the icon is solid, you're connected an up-to-date. When you're syncing, it will have the circular sync overlay. When you're not connected, the icon will be faded.


It's not that the icon isn't showing you the status anymore. It's that it's being done in a different way. All of the statuses that were previously shown by the tray icon are still shown by the tray icon, just differently.


Look at the icon. If it's solid, you're good. If it's faded, you're not. Easy peasy.


Helpful | Level 5

Reply to Rich (Super User II)


Rich's comment is stupid and patronizing. No-one is saying that not having the green checkmark is difficult. 


The point is that the Green Checkmark was a clear indication of the sync status and now we are missing it. Not having the green checkmark is particularly difficult when you are travelling and/or when you are connecting from places like China (via a VPN). 


You get that Rich? Easy enough for you to understand?


Al, PhD in Mathematics




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