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Can we disable the Team Space warning when saving folders there?

Can we disable the Team Space warning when saving folders there?

Helpful | Level 5

Please disable the Team Space warning popup. Whever I save a folder to the team space, there is a popup asking me if I am sure i want to move it to the Team Space. This wastes time and is unecessary. Please either disable or give us that option.



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New member | Level 2

Very important to us too !

Joe F
Helpful | Level 6

Currently when you move a file in a Team Folder, Drop puts a warning message that Access to the Folder is limited. You are given the option to cancel or continue moving. I would like to see an option to suppress or remove this warning dialog.  Thanks for the consideration!

Helpful | Level 5


If this feature is here to stay, please add the ability to disable the pop-up.

I move files around constantly and this feature is both very annoying, and a disruption of workflow


Personally, I probably clicked the "continue moving" button over 150 times today in 4 hours. 


Screen Shot 2020-10-16 at 8.13.00 PM.png

New member | Level 2

I came in early on a Saturday to move files to help support my team. This project is going to take at least twice as long as it was supposed to due to this notification (plus all the time I spent looking for a solution).

Helpful | Level 5

We also have a user with this issue. She has never encountered the error before but has come in this morning and is getting the error message pop up every time she tries to do anything which she's a little frustrated with.


This is only the first time she's seen the error and nothing has changed recently and she's a fairly intensive user of Dropbox.

Explorer | Level 4

we're having this issue too and it basically breaks the workflows of quite a number of people in our company. 

that there is no way to disable/opt-out of this is very disappointing.

Helpful | Level 6

Please remove the New "Security Feature":


Access to "Folder" is limited

We'll keep access to file.tmp the same. Add people to FOLDER too if you want them to have access to anything else in it. How to Manage acess.


It is unnecessary, time consuming and causing issues; we believe it is courrupting our Licensing file creation process.

Explorer | Level 4

Please fix this bug


Disable the useless message or add "dont show again / do the same" option


It ruins any kind of production process


New member | Level 2

I also don't understand the point of this. I keep wasting time by logging onto and checking that the files are still shared. And I don't even understand what the pop up message means because access is not limited. Please remove this problem.

Helpful | Level 6

This is a completely pointless 'feature'. All it really achieves is to irritate users and slow down workflows.


And what is the point of the 'How to manage access' link when it doesn't provide any useful information? I have spent too much time chasing links to find out how to disable this feature when it actually isn't possible.


What a mess! Please get his sorted quickly or you will be losing customers.

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