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Can we have different plans / price points / data combinations?

Can we have different plans / price points / data combinations?

Michel L.
New member | Level 2

Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

Explorer | Level 4



Was about to write my own reply but found this one that already has more Votes so added to the Pile.


I am looking for a cloud based solution to store audio recordings of sessions which can quickly outgrow the current space limits given by Dropbox.


I would very much appreciate an "Unlimited" Option for Individuals. I know there is the Teams Advanced Option but i would be the only User without the need for all the fancy Teams Options.


Is there a limit on how many Upvotes an Idea needs to be taken into consideration?


Thanks in advance!

Explorer | Level 4

also found another topic here on the forum that asks for the same thing


just for awareness

Helpful | Level 6

Looks like DropBox is not going to honor any of our requests for more storage, time to start looking at other cloud hosting services

Explorer | Level 4

I don't think it's that easy.


First, if the "need" for it isn't very wide-spread then it might not be lucrative to spend development resources on it. The usual/default User will probably not even use the 2 TB plan for just some files and pictures.


Second, as with all "unlimited" offers of anything - there is risk of abuse. While a good chunk of the userbase will probably behave in a predictive manner and just slowly rise in what space they need - there will also be those that will try to use that unlimited space to their advantage and Dropbox's (or their userbases') disadvantage.


But i'm convinced that everybody is aware of the above - so consider it just writing down what everyone already knows.


What i will say is that with the advent of Dropbox advertising itself as a "Backup Solution" the needed storage space might go up a bit. There is a difference between synching a few select files between some Devices and backing up your PC for example. Even less technical or "specialized" Users might have stuff lying around on their PC that amounts to larger volumes of data then they'd need if they pick and choose.


If you really need unlimited space from Dropbox and you have the coin you can already get unlimited space -> buy the advanced team account. What we're asking for here is a more affordable option of unlimited space for an Individual - otherwise everybody here would just go and buy the advanced teams option. How do you calculate a price that facilitates that for an individual, covers their costs and prevents or factors in abuse?


While maybe not a technical issue, it sure is an organizational/accounting/billing one. We'd not be happy if the end result is them having to raise the price after very short time just because they figured out that it doesn't work after the fact.


And as always - if it's free then you're the product.


So i'm happy for them to try to figure something out that works for everybody in their own time. But i'm ofc also VERY happy if that doesn't take too long 😉

Michael B.20
Explorer | Level 4

This is not a product issue. It is a pricing issue. If it's too risky to go to unlimited, just get some tears with much higher volumes. SmugMug is able to offer unlimited storage for all Photos as well as an interface to actually be able to view and use the site for photos. Dropbox is fine for storing photos, what is terribly difficult to manage them and even see a preview of what the photo is. 

Explorer | Level 3

I have used the free version of Dropbox for ages and it has worked well. I do not use a lot of capacity and have never exceeded the quota.

I do use it however on several computers (desk top and laptop). The 3 device limit now means that I cannot connect and sync as in the past. I keep getting requests to sign in, and when I do thjat I get a prompt to upgrade or block some of the devices I use to the 3 limit.

The problem with the upgrade to Plus is the fee of AU$184/annum, albeit this comes with 2TB storage, which is far beyond that which I need.

I have seen statisitics suggesting that Dropbox has 500 million free users but only about 13.5 million fee paying users.

The Plus plan with that fee is more suited to small business rather than private persons.

Why not develop a plan with less storage but which can be used on possibly up to 6 to 8 devices for $60/annum. 

You might find more willing to sign on to that. 

Explorer | Level 3

Bom dia, eu gostaria de sugerir novos planos e preços. Tem outras plantaformas com planos e preços mais acessiveis. Os vossos planos sao para certas pessoas muito grandes logo muito caros. Penso que poderiam criar um plano talvez de 100 GB, por um preço menor, talvez 2 ou 3 euros por mes. Acho que teriam muito sucesso, porque eu pesno que a dropbox tem potenzial. 

É pena perderem clientes para outras plantaformas so por causa dos preços. 

Eu estou a pensar mudar por causa disso mesmo e conheço tambem outras pessoas que ja o fizeram por causa disso .

Voces so ficavam a ganhar com um plano de 100 GB,  2 euros vezes milhões de pessoas da milhões de euros. €€€€€€

obrigado e Tenham um bom dia

Mario Leite

Not applicable

Well I never thought I would say this but I am going to give Dropbox a shot. Google just lost over 1.4TB of files I had. Now I back them all up anyway but I am about to live on the road full time and I need a safe place. i am also NOT happy with the fact Google has the key to decrypt my files. I have spent the past 3 hours reading multiple websites and reviews and tech docs and to quote them "dropbox beats Google Drive every single time)


So sod it. I am going to give the 2TB sub a go and see how I get on. 

New member | Level 2

Would be really great if there was an option for smaller paid plans.

something like:

  • $3.99/mo for 500GB
  • $6.99/mo for 1TB

for people who maybe don't want to pay $12.99/mo for a storage solution, or don't need 2TB of cloud storage.

Helpful | Level 5

I'm all for this 100%.

Drop box, my storage needs are a million miles below 2TB!!!  But I need like 4-5 Devices to connect.


I'd be happy to pay you for a "better plan" but can't justify the $9.99 / mo expense of something I don't need.


Give me extra device connections (unlimited or maybt 8-10) and a few drops extra storage: 50 GB and I'd gladly pay $4.99 / month.