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Can we have different plans / price points / data combinations?

Can we have different plans / price points / data combinations?

Michel L.
New member | Level 2

Hi, I find limited in the choices of subscription plans. Basic/free and Pro/110$

I'd gladly pay something like 25$ a year for 50GB and a 2 users family plan.

Considering iCloud have a 12$ plan for 20 GB and 48$ for 200GB, that seems reasonable..

Explorer | Level 4

Dear dropbox


You have an excellent product.

I understand the need and desire to continue development: word processing, multi TB solutions and online collaborations tools. But this - and other discussions - show that you have a large number of potential customers that just want their small number of files synchronized/backed up.
In a highly competetive marked, you might consider selling us what we ask for AND want to pay for - escpecially since the alternative is not selling anything.


I really hope you come around ... before you have lost too many potential customers, too much revenue, and it is generally too late for your company 😞

Community Manager

Hi all, I wanted to share the response on @lesterw 's idea here too as I know it is of interest to you all. 


We want to assure you first off that we are reading and listening to all feedback and feature requests here. 

Any ideas you share will follow the steps outlined in this post, and we commit to sharing our top-voted ideas with the relevant product teams for their consideration. 


On this idea, this is not something the team are actively working on at the moment and the status has been updated to 'Not for right now' to ensure we are being transparent with you on that.

If anything changes we will be sure to update you - once we have any new information, you will too. 


Hope that helps and let us know if you have any further questions.



Helpful | Level 5



Thanks for the official response.  It's disappointing to say the least and more of the same.  Too bad...


Understanding that Dropbox has only offered paid plans of 1TB or more it seems I don't understand the business model-- likely smaller plans not cost effective unless you are Alphabet or Apple and able to loss-lead.... but since Dropbox has such a huge and devoted fan-base this is disapointing.  Dropbox would be my #1 choice time and again if they offered me something that made sense.  But I can't pay for what I don't need...  As the Free storage account is meeting my needs I'll stay with this but actively looking to migrate to OneDrive or alternative competing solution as soon as it makes sense because the Dropbox options are quickly becoming unworkable.

Helpful | Level 5

Thanks @Emma .  I have to agree with @mbxdoc that it is disappointing.  Perhaps you can share WHY Dropbox chooses to not offer a more reasonable price plan? There are so many requests for it (I beleive the most comments for any topic)... We're asking Dropbox to take our money - but at a reasonable pricepoint. I can only speculate that some senior executive somewhere has sadly decided that a lower pricepoint will erode margins (a false economy).

Explorer | Level 3

Although I have a "shedload" of photos, I have NEVER needed more than my present 140GB of storage. I feel as though I am being screwed by having no option other than paying for 2TB WHICH IS MORE THAN 14 TIMES WHAT I'M USING!!!!!!


That large a storage may make sense for a medium-size BUSINESS, but for a single consumer like me is downright laughable - or it would be laughable if it weren't so bloody expensive for seniors like me on very limited pensions.

Helpful | Level 5

After more than 6 years of this thread, DB yet to decide to launch lower tier storage plan. I can't understand the motive behind their unwillingness to do so. Seem like DB thinks that by keeping current number of users at expensive plan is better for business instead of losing some of them but gain a lot more customer for lower tier plan.

New member | Level 2

your plans are not as good as onedrive, which gives you free 5GB, and dropbox only gives 2GB =(

Onedrive is 1.99/month for 100... you should step up and at least be equal or have some other options. For people like me that don't need much, is too much to pay $9.99 when you won't use even half of that capacity.
I recommend you implement lower price options for less storage... example $0.99/month for 250GB or $1.99/month for 500GB
FYI - I can get Microsoft 365 Family plus 100TB of storage for about $8/month. Not sure why I wouldn't pick that option instead of yours.
Anyway, thank you for the help, I just wanted to provide feedback as a customer. I would love to not give any business to Microsoft but unfortunately it just seems better option... hope you guys come up with more plan options!
New member | Level 2

More GB will be better

Explorer | Level 3

Hello - currently I am a G-Suite customer with about 3TB currently in Google Drive. I was interested in switching to Dropbox, but the pricing for Dropbox is double that of G-Suite, and Dropbox doesn't have any of the custom emails, domain management, or other similar tools that come with G-Suite for half the price of Dropbox.


I think an appropriate pricing plan would be $10 ($9.99) a month for 3-5 terabytes, targeted towards individuals. I know photographers, film-makers, VFX artists, and software developers would all appreciate a plan like this since all of those hobbies have individual users (not strictly corporate/enterprise users), and I personally would switch to Dropbox right away if this pricing model was ever implemented.

Explorer | Level 3

Dropbox, please listen to your customers. Your competition is offering 10TB plans for less that you are charging for 3. I don't mind paying a little more for your service as long as it remains competitive...but it's not and hasn't been for some time. I don't need a professional plan with multiple licenses, collaboration tools or 3rd party apps. I just need dependable storage and I will start looking elsewhere if I need to.

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