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Can we have tags on files and photos?

Can we have tags on files and photos?

Hamish L.
New member | Level 1

Will dropbox ever be able to support tags on files? Would be great to categorize our design work by feature and format without creating lots of folders.

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Status changed to: Closed
Collaborator | Level 10

I have the same plan... and the feature was launched to Teams | Business subscriptions, but has now been released to all plans, per what I read on the blog post.  I think you might not be finding the functionality. It's was not obvious to me how to find it. 


Check my screen capture below to see if it helps. You need to be in the browser while in Dropbox. When you click on a file or mark the checkbox of several files, the TAG window appears on the right. 


Hope this helps. Let me know... m, 




Helpful | Level 6

I can tag using the web version. Where is the tag feature using the phone app?   That is where most pictures are taken nowadays. 

Helpful | Level 5

Hi @Tinchohs now I saw it in a vertical right panel not seen before. Let me play with this desirable feature.  Thank you and Emma very much. Years waiting for this.

Collaborator | Level 10

@hogfish823 I hear you. No support, yet, for desktop and mobile versions. I really hope they take it there soon. I would assume that once the backend capability has been implemented, over time they will enable these features in all platforms. Hopefully! 

Collaborator | Level 10

@C-A-H Enjoy. I have not gone fully into it yet. Since I don't see a Tags browser yet, I'm thinking a bit harder about how to define my labels so they show altogether when I start a search. I.e. Perhaps starting all my tags with 't_xxx' or something like that. Let me know what you learn. I want to make good use of this. 


I also read that they will soon make available Smart Folders where you can bring all files with certain tags. That will come in very handy. 

Community Manager

@Tinchohs thanks for your questions, I've checked these with the product team and: 


1. Is there a way to browse all the existing tags catalog? 

This is not currently available, but we have shared your feedback.


2. Do these Dropbox tags somehow play with the tags you can create in a Paper document? 

No, the tags can't be used inside paper docs content, only at the file/folder level. Thank you for outlining the use case here, we've shared this with the product team too! 


3. I did not see the option to Create an Automated Folder. I presume this has not been rolled out for my account just yet. Is this correct? 

It is, automated folders is planned for release for personal users over the coming weeks



Collaborator | Level 10

Thanks, @Emma. Really appreciate the update and you sharing the ideas with the team. Have a great week. m. 

Reut V
Hi everyone! Reut here from the Dropbox product team. It’s my pleasure to announce that tags are now available to all Dropbox users! To get started, on, just select one or more files and type a tag name in the righthand panel.
As we continue working on tags, the product team and I would love to hear your feedback. Think tags are amazing, and just what you need? Feel that something’s still missing? Let us know here.
Collaborator | Level 9

Just to clarify, tags are still limited to & not the desktop or mobile apps correct?

Collaborator | Level 10

@Reut V Thanks for sharing. Really appreciate it. I've been playing with it and it's an awesome start. 


A few thoughts that come to mind for potential future evolution: 


  • Tag Navigation Pannel. It would be really helpful to have in the Dropbox App | Web UI, a space to navigate the existing keywords that have already been assigned. 


  • Tag Dropbox and Paper Integration. I believe it would be incredibly powerful to more finely integrate the #tags that have been assigned inside a Paper note, with the file level tags. I.e. Every time a tag is assigned inside a Paper note, the tag gets automatically added to the file, so when searching for a given tag, the actual Paper notes surface as well. 


  • Tag Search Option. It would be awesome if when searching inside Dropbox, that the option to filter by tags was available. 


  • Tag support in iOS and Dropbox App. I'm not expecting that dropbox Tag integrate natively with the OS (i.e. Mac OS). However, it would be great that when in the Dropbox ecosystem, both in iOS or the desktop Dropbox app, that tag assignment and search would be supported. 


  • Tag autocomplete. It would be really powerful that as we are typing a tag, we get a popup wondo offering existing tags that have the same initial letters. This can really help maintian integrity in the tag catalogue. 


  • Tag management. It would be helpful to have a way to merge tags. Typical example is a mispeleed tag. 


Hope these ideas help! Thanks a lot for asking. m. 

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