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Can we have tags on files and photos?

Can we have tags on files and photos?

Hamish L.
New member | Level 1

Will dropbox ever be able to support tags on files? Would be great to categorize our design work by feature and format without creating lots of folders.

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Status changed to: Closed
New member | Level 2
I second that.
New member | Level 2

Third.  This is a necessary feature for home/personal users as well.  For anyone going paperless (including scanning and shreeding paper docs in bulk).  For anyone with photos.  Etc... This is a critical feautre.

New member | Level 2
I'd love to see this feature added as well!!!
Pavlo S.
Helpful | Level 5

+1 for that!

Matthew K.24
Helpful | Level 6

Big-time +1 - we likewise are looking at other options w/ or w/o Dropbox...and "w/" woud be one more reason to stick with DB.

Explorer | Level 4

same here. that would be great.


Explorer | Level 3

I also would like to see tags added. Folders are too limiting for organizations to organize large volumes of files.

New member | Level 2

Please TAG!
Maybe I would  upgrade to a Business account if you do so. Right now I can't convince my boss...

New member | Level 2

Tags would be life-changing. Well, maybe worklife-changing. We store large numbers of photographs from events and the ability to tag them would make life so much easier. Bring it on Dropbox!!!

New member | Level 2

Tagging could be what causes us to stop recommending it and to stop using it ourselves.  A native file tag that DB can add, that is inherent and cross app/storage is important please develop and add.

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