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Can we have tags on files and photos?

Can we have tags on files and photos?

Hamish L.
New member | Level 1

Will dropbox ever be able to support tags on files? Would be great to categorize our design work by feature and format without creating lots of folders.

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New member | Level 2

Hi Greg, I'm going to run a new business which will make intensive use of tons of photos and not being able to tag them will force me to abandon DB, unfortunately. Cheers. 

Matthew K.24
Helpful | Level 6



The best way to showcase your new API would be to actually use it yourself.  Tagging photos with metadata should be incredibly easy.  I believe that Dropbox had this ability in the now-defunct Carousel product (too bad Dropbox put all its eggs in the consumer basket, since metadata is critical in the business world).  Still waiting, which, along with the ridiculously broken (and replacement delayed another year+) Salesforce integration, makes Dropbox a tough sell.  Businesses can collaborate and do all sorts of other things with OneDrive which comes with Office 365 email service, making Dropbox (and its new tiers and increased costs) an even tougher sell.  Metadata/tagging is a great way to differentiate.  Paper, which just got forced on us?  Not so much (in a Google/Office 365 email world, where such collaboration abilities are old news and seem more like Dropbox just playing catch-up+)...

New member | Level 2
don't spam but... Tabbles allows you to tag files, in Windows, and it support the dropbox app. So basically if you are sharing stuff with other people (or just yourself), you can tag files and configure Tabbles to let it know that the Dropbox folders on the various machines are to be considered the same. More info here:
Explorer | Level 4

will 2018 be the year dropbox added tags?


existing workarounds as of today


Windows Tabbles

mac Finder tags

mac Punakea

mac Yep



Explorer | Level 3

I am honestly considering moving my pics and camera upload from Dropbox to Flickr because of lack of album and tagging possibilities...any thoughts from you ?

Explorer | Level 4

make some test before, see here to check how flickr manages file names

Adina Z.1
Helpful | Level 5

Are you kidding me? That API method looks incredibly difficult to use.. Cant you add tagging into the dropbox interface for every file? Even evernote has this and I pay way less for evernote. 


@Adina Z.1 Thanks for the feedback! I'll send it along to the team.

Helpful | Level 5
Greg. Who do I need to talk with inside Dropbox about embedding the CloudFind smart tagging software inside Dropbox product? Best Matthew
Scott N.15
Collaborator | Level 9

I would just like to go on record that I think adding the ability to tag within Dropbox and to be able to search those tags would be wonderful. I currently use the desktop application to access my photos on Dropbox and tagging is allowed through that. I can quickly and easily find any photo in my 12,000 photos in seconds. It would be great to have that ability when I'm using the website or mobile application. To be honest, when I'm trying to find a photo to post or send I simply get out of Dropbox and use Flickr. I am worried about the security of Flickr as Yahoo doesn't have the best reputaton when it comes to protecting their users information. If Dropbox ever adopts the ability to add, edit, and search tags, I will be kicking Flickr to the curb. 


But since many of these posts asking about the tagging feature go back years I'm not going to hold my breath. Or give up my FLickr account.

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