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Can we have the Command Line Interface for Windows/Mac?

Can we have the Command Line Interface for Windows/Mac?

Halil Ş.
New member | Level 1

Even though, there is a command line interface on linux (which has start, stop and, soon, pause options), there seems to be no equivalent feature on windows nor on mac. This feature should be easily transferable. I see no technical reasons why this cannot be possible (especially to mac), is there any?

Simon T.4
New member | Level 2

A scriptable way to pause syncing would be greatly appreciated.

I'm storing files on Dropbox that are used by DB programs that don't like very much when files are touched while in use.  To avoid any trouble, every time I launch one of these apps, I pause sync, work with my DB, clode the app, unpause sync.

This could be done so more easily in a launch script...

Russell N.1
New member | Level 1

[Feature request] / [Product Enhancement]  "Pause" AND "Resume" via Windows command-line.  * * * PLEASE * * *

I need to store AppData on Dropbox for certain applications which work perfectly; * IF * I always remember to manually Pause/Resume syncing from the Right-Click toolbar icon menu before I open the application in question. 

Super User II

Until it happens (which is unlikely), you can just kill and relaunch the client.

Stop Dropbox:

taskkill /f /im "dropbox.exe"

Start Dropbox:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe" /home

Not as elegant as pausing and resuming, but it works.

Chenfeng B.
Helpful | Level 6

Post to support this feature request.

I use batch script everyday to automate some minor but important tasks, some involving Dropbox. I've been wanting this feature for maybe a year now.

A command line interface that can sync, pause, and check status would be greatly appreciated.

Gonen S.
New member | Level 2

Pause/Resume command line looks very missing when you run a script that tries to read a file while dropbox is syncing.... 


I wonder how such a basic feature is not here yet

Nugraha T.
New member | Level 1

I request for 'exit' command CLI-wise.

My dropbox frequently stuck while syncing, thus I want to make some script to restart dropbox every hour.

Kevin V.4
New member | Level 2

I would like to see a the equivalent of a "dropbox status" in Windows and OSX.

Joaquim F.
New member | Level 1

Would love this.

Sascha S.3
New member | Level 1

Agree, I would love this. Would help me to save mobile data when tethering my phone (I would create a script to automatically pause Dropbox when tethering).

Markus R.6
Explorer | Level 3

+1 for being able to view the sync status via CLI.

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