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Desktop app (with syncing) for devices with ARM processors

Desktop app (with syncing) for devices with ARM processors

Gordon C.5
New member | Level 1

I would really like to see a client for the Raspberry Pi, or any ARM based client that supports the live syncing that dropbox does so well.

Super User II

As I said at the moment for your Surface Dropbox cannot. It needs a change from Microsoft. 

Explorer | Level 4

upping this request - native ARM client for for the Macbook Apple Silicon (M1)..

Explorer | Level 3

I'm a developer attempting to switch to using Raspberry Pi for my work. I keep all my configuration files, projects, and documents synced with Dropbox.


I too would very much appreciate an arm version of the client.

Explorer | Level 4

Originally by @Harmy ... I am looking to DROPBOX to create a version of their software that supports ARM to allow the same functionality of their usual desktop app with windows machines.  Any idea when this will be OR how we can continue to bang this drum louder - I cannot move to my new machine without this. I've come to depend on Dropbox both for personal and business.


This request has been around for 6 years and yet STILL nothing has changed for all those people out there with machines utilising ARM based processors. Isn't it time that Dropbox rectified this issue? The number of disappointed people grows by the day, and those millions of disappointed people are simply being pointed towards the pointless Dropbox for S mode. Please, please, PLEASE give your paying customers what they both want AND need!

Helpful | Level 5

Please a real client for Windows on ARM - please?

Helpful | Level 6

@Mark said: 

I dont think this is a Dropbox issue.... its a Windows one. Microsoft doesnt allow other software to integrate into the Surface as easily as other versions of Windows (think Apple and iPad) so the issue is that Dropbox cannot work - the only workaround is that S version. You need to be telling Microsoft to stop restricting the market

You've said and implied it's a Microsoft issue in many posts but I have not seen DropBox say that.  Can you provide a link to Dropbox saying that?  Besides, that doesn't excuse not supporting Arm.  There's PI, there's Mac, and plenty others. 


But let's focus on what you said about it being Microsoft's fault.  Can you provide supporting links from DropBox?

Explorer | Level 3

Upping: waiting for "Native" support for Apple Silicon (M1).

Explorer | Level 3

It seems to me that with the release of M1, the priority of this request has increased significantly

New member | Level 2

With the new M1's from Apple this request is no longer about a niche market. it's more about a LARGE market and a need of the hour. 

Explorer | Level 3

Also waiting for whenever dropbox supports M1 ARM Macs, please make it more performant for this, it isn't even the future anymore it's been out for months, and not supporting it yet leaves the product hanging in the past.

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