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Disable/Enable Notifications for Certain Folders

Disable/Enable Notifications for Certain Folders

Austin B.5
New member | Level 1

Is there any way to disable file update notifications for certain folders? I have a few applications syncing data to Dropbox and they generate a lot of notification noise on my desktop clients. I still want these folders synced on my desktop PCs, but I don't want to receive file update notifications for them. Is this possible?

Latest Update
Community Manager

Hi everyone,


Thanks for sharing and supporting this idea. 


There are a lot of use cases for this idea here, so I wanted to share the Follow Folder feature which could help some of you!


Let us know 😊

Status changed to: Investigating
New member | Level 2

Bump on this. Shared folders lead to a boatload of notifications. I still want notifications for other folders, but turning them off on a case-by-case basis would be optimal. At the moment I've had to disable notifications entirely.

New member | Level 2



Is there any update on notifications status? I muted them on both upload ( and batch upload ( but I still get notifications on my client software.


It seems this still does not work. Any information more than welcome. Thanks,






@aldm This thread was more about a user-facing feature request around this, but on the API side there is a known issue with the mute functionality such that it won't always work as expected. There's a thread about this API issue here.

Helpful | Level 5

Please add the ability to receive notifications (only) for a specific folder or set of folders when files are updated, added or deleted. Global notifications is pretty much useless in a team setting. We need a filter to filter only the notifications we need.

New member | Level 2

This suggestion is almost 3 years old now


Surely if the feature is already implemented in some state a small addition to the UI can't take that much effort to implement


Or maybe Dropbox hired bad programmers? Hell I'd do it for free if Dropbox would let me

Helpful | Level 6

I am speachless. This issue is so much bothering and so easy to fix. How could it be it has been lying unresolved for 3+ years???


The situation about all disturbing notification actually got worse in my application recently. I successfully updated to API v2, I used 'mute' parameter and for some time my users were spared of the annoyances. Recently both me and the app users realize the desktop notifications (both on Windows and Mac) about INTERNAL changes done via my application again! This is so sad 😞


Please finally fix it !!!


1) Make 'mute' parameter in the API v2 100% perfect. Make it available not only for uploading but also deletion (and basically all basic) operations.


2) Make finally DISABLED BY DEFAULT any notifications on your desktop clients (both Windows and Mac) on ANYTHING located in the Apps folder. Nobody (really NOBODY) is interested in these notifications. The Apps folder is for applications not for direct usage...


Especially the second request is an extremely simple one. It can be done by a student of programming class by adding one IF statement. Please hire one!


Please do not reply that I should post / request elsewhere. I am bit tired of those after 3 years.


I will honestly hope this time the real changes happen. Thank you.

Helpful | Level 5

It would be really useful to be able to have different alerts for different folders - ideally I would like to have notifications only for a few selected folders and not for the rest. Any chance this can be done? 


Explorer | Level 3

Notifications from all shared folders are terribly distracting. Please make it so we can mute notifications for specific folders!

New member | Level 2

yes, yes, please! I have the same situation as Austin.B5

Pete M.7
New member | Level 2

+1 for this feature!!!!

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