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Disable/Enable Notifications for Certain Folders

Disable/Enable Notifications for Certain Folders

Austin B.5
New member | Level 1

Is there any way to disable file update notifications for certain folders? I have a few applications syncing data to Dropbox and they generate a lot of notification noise on my desktop clients. I still want these folders synced on my desktop PCs, but I don't want to receive file update notifications for them. Is this possible?

Latest Update
Community Manager

Hi everyone,


Thanks for sharing and supporting this idea. 


There are a lot of use cases for this idea here, so I wanted to share the Follow Folder feature which could help some of you!


Let us know 😊

Status changed to: Investigating
New member | Level 2

+1 for this feature please!

Explorer | Level 3

+1 here too... 

Helpful | Level 5
+1 for me also!
Explorer | Level 3

+1 for this feature, please!

New member | Level 2

It would help my team if there were a way to be notified that a particular file or folder has completed uploading.

Current functionality allows me to check either the status icon or to check the DropBox control panel for current sync activities, but those both require ongoing focus. 

In a busy workday that can be hard to maintain, so an active notification that an upload has been completed (for a selected file or folder) would make life easier.

Explorer | Level 3

I would also like an option to disable file update notifications for certain (shared) folders.

Frank Furter
New member | Level 2

+1. Can't believe this isn't an option. It's been 5 years!

New member | Level 2

Will add my name to the list that would like to see this, but judging by the age of this thread, i wont hold my breath 🙂

New member | Level 2

When a file/s are uploaded, could an email be triggered that requests the person uploading to provide information on the files they are uploading.  An email address could be set from the admin console for all file upload emails to be sent to.

We get a lot of audio files uploaded everyday that need to be assessed and allocated to different team members.  Currently, when a client uploads, they then have to remember to email us and provide information.  If we miss the Dropbox on-screen notification of a file upload, and the client is busy and forgets to email us info on the file they uploaded, we can miss the upload and not process and allocate it for several days.

If we could have an email triggered for each upload that we can creat the template for that the client fills the details out on, it would save our clients time, and reduce the chance that we'll miss an upload.

New member | Level 2

UP for this feature!

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