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Disable ads for upgrading to Business for Dropbox Professional/Plus users

Disable ads for upgrading to Business for Dropbox Professional/Plus users

Collaborator | Level 8

I’m new to Dropbox (DB). I tested the DB Basic (free) for a few days then upgraded to DB Pro. I’ve enjoyed using it.

What I haven’t enjoyed is paying for a DB Pro account and routinely having ads and other types of “reminders” displayed prominently on the website.

These pester me by saying I can try or upgrade to DB Business. Since I’m actually paying for the DB account rather than using it for free (Basic account), why is there a need to annoy me with options I can clearly choose for myself if I wanted to?

They're displayed about half the time using the DB website!

Here’s just two different screenshots.

First, a rather small annoyance but bothers me because it's there so often.

Second, a far more annoying one, which is larger and right at the top of my screen.

To help solve this I suggest a feature as stated in the title:

Can Dropbox Pro users get an option to disable all ads to try or upgrade to Dropbox Business?

It would be awesome if under my DB account profile, listed under preferences, was the option for something like "Dropbox Business upgrades".

If checked, then just like “DB newsletters”, “tips”, and “activity digests”, I can get "Dropbox Business upgrades" (offers, ads, etc.) because I want to.

But if left unchecked, which I would love to do in a heartbeat, I would no longer get any ads or suggestions or marketing about trying or upgrading to DB Business until I wanted to see them.

This is what my current DB preferences options look like as of Tuesday 4-26-16.

So the new "Dropbox Business upgrades" option could go right at the bottom. 

For what it's worth, decision makers at DB knew it was a great idea to give us the option of NOT getting DB newsletters, tips, and activity digests if we don't want to. 

I would just love it if they added in the new option so we could choose NOT to get Dropbox Business upgrades. At least for those that have a DB Pro account.

Everyone that pays for a DB Pro account knows they have a DB Pro account. They know how much it is per month or year. They know it's not refundable. 

So isn't it just a touch too much to keep hammering away at DB Pro users to upgrade (or even try) Business when we obviously know enough about DB to realize there's that option? An option that usually requires us to know or work with at least four other people and collectively pay about $75 a month?

If this new preference can't be done, at the very least could DB please consider drastically reducing how many times those Business ads are displayed whenever DB Pro users access their account?

Right now it's not a deal breaker. But it's still annoying.

Especially when I clearly have the option to disable "DB newsletters, tips, and activity digests" lol. 

* Edited title to ask "Can Dropbox Pro users get an option ..."

Richard O.3
Explorer | Level 4

Sorry @eisschale96 but it's been years now. Dropbox doesn't give the slightest **bleep** about non-biz users. 

New member | Level 2

Please remove the ads!!!!!

As already mentinoned, new customers ask me always "why??, i pay for....".

It scratches on the image of a company, when they try to bring you always to a higher subscription.

The other competitors are not sleeping, notably in the last months.


New member | Level 2

I just got a system notification on my desktop from Dropbox encouraging me to upgrade to a paid plan. This is obnoxious and it if it happens again I am going to turn off Dropbox notifications entirely.


It would be one thing if we could opt-out of such notifications, but that doesn't seem to be an option:

Screen Shot 2020-09-08 at 13.24.49 .png

New member | Level 2

Wow very interesting

New member | Level 2

I'm sick of the ads as well.

As much as I dislike Google Drive, I have just bought a 2TB subscription, and am using the Insync tool (purchased it) to sync my Linux, Windows and Mac computers to behave just as Dropbox.  (

I am syncing my Dropbox into Google Drive which will take some time, but I think I'll be happier once it's complete.


If Dropbox won't listen, then why give them our money? 

Helpful | Level 5

This Post started in 2016 to remove the nagging DropBox for Business upgrade promotion. Still it goes On and On!  Given this is over multiple years, it bothers many people. Just make it an Option that can be turned off by a Paying customer!  Most people just do not focus long enough to get here to the feature request to vote or add their comments.  But there are more than 5 screens worth of comments here!

Have a Heart!

New member | Level 2

Its 2021 and there are still advertisement despite being on a paid subscripion. "Try Paper", "Try Free eSignatures". Can we remove it from prime space. If I want to see a summary of my recent file activities, I don't want to know about some feature I'm not interested in.

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