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Disable ads for upgrading to Business for Dropbox Professional/Plus users

Disable ads for upgrading to Business for Dropbox Professional/Plus users

Collaborator | Level 8

I’m new to Dropbox (DB). I tested the DB Basic (free) for a few days then upgraded to DB Pro. I’ve enjoyed using it.

What I haven’t enjoyed is paying for a DB Pro account and routinely having ads and other types of “reminders” displayed prominently on the website.

These pester me by saying I can try or upgrade to DB Business. Since I’m actually paying for the DB account rather than using it for free (Basic account), why is there a need to annoy me with options I can clearly choose for myself if I wanted to?

They're displayed about half the time using the DB website!

Here’s just two different screenshots.

First, a rather small annoyance but bothers me because it's there so often.

Second, a far more annoying one, which is larger and right at the top of my screen.

To help solve this I suggest a feature as stated in the title:

Can Dropbox Pro users get an option to disable all ads to try or upgrade to Dropbox Business?

It would be awesome if under my DB account profile, listed under preferences, was the option for something like "Dropbox Business upgrades".

If checked, then just like “DB newsletters”, “tips”, and “activity digests”, I can get "Dropbox Business upgrades" (offers, ads, etc.) because I want to.

But if left unchecked, which I would love to do in a heartbeat, I would no longer get any ads or suggestions or marketing about trying or upgrading to DB Business until I wanted to see them.

This is what my current DB preferences options look like as of Tuesday 4-26-16.

So the new "Dropbox Business upgrades" option could go right at the bottom. 

For what it's worth, decision makers at DB knew it was a great idea to give us the option of NOT getting DB newsletters, tips, and activity digests if we don't want to. 

I would just love it if they added in the new option so we could choose NOT to get Dropbox Business upgrades. At least for those that have a DB Pro account.

Everyone that pays for a DB Pro account knows they have a DB Pro account. They know how much it is per month or year. They know it's not refundable. 

So isn't it just a touch too much to keep hammering away at DB Pro users to upgrade (or even try) Business when we obviously know enough about DB to realize there's that option? An option that usually requires us to know or work with at least four other people and collectively pay about $75 a month?

If this new preference can't be done, at the very least could DB please consider drastically reducing how many times those Business ads are displayed whenever DB Pro users access their account?

Right now it's not a deal breaker. But it's still annoying.

Especially when I clearly have the option to disable "DB newsletters, tips, and activity digests" lol. 

* Edited title to ask "Can Dropbox Pro users get an option ..."

Helpful | Level 6

I noticed that the uBlock Origin browser extension (right-click > block element) hides the annoying upgrade messages, until Dropbox is listening and removes them from paid plans. 



Hey there @comfort - I just moved your post under this thread to keep things neat around our forums as it's practically the same matter that needs to be looked upon. 

For what it's worth, I've passed your additional comments on to the team - thanks for your feedback. 

Let me know if there's anything else I can do from my end to help please. 

Helpful | Level 6

Walter - "for what it's worth"? That's not a very encouraging thing to say.

I posted my compliant in 2016. I work with celeb clients who have to send me lots of media. Some need a little help with suggestions on how to transfer files. Here's my notice to you: I have stopped recommending Dropbox due to the confusing and persistent marketing messages. Had one too many clients sign up for multiple accounts. 

I now recommend WeTransfer to port large files. Most people have a Google email address - so we use Google Drive. A handful of my clients will go to iCloud or OneDrive. DropBox is no longer listed as a resource. 

And now congratulations are due you. Your one cavalier remark has single-handedly turned a long-term and former loyal customer into a cynical, ill tempered user. 


I understand where you're coming from @Heavypen - even though I'm not in a decision making team, I'll make sure your comments reach the appropriate department in my internal feedback report - once again, I appreciate you taking the time to provide us with (additional) feedback.

Positive or negative, your feedback is valuable to us. As our team is always looking for ways to improve our services and features, I’ve made sure your feedback is passed along to them.

I know it's not what you'd like to hear but I sure this helps to some extent. 

Helpful | Level 6

@Heavypen - I now totally feel the same way.  I used (!) to be a dropbox advocate like you. After reading quite a few feedbacks here I see these post closed as SOLVED with the reply thank you so much, valuable to us, we pass it on, and that's it.. yeah.

I've cancelled my Professional plan which I bought with great enthusiasm, so I would have a nicer way to send my work progress to clients. But I just can't send a proposal or draft or final to a client when there's an embarassing and unprofessional 'Created with Dropbox Showcase' ad coming along with it. It's like my images would have a 'Created with Adobe Photohop' bar at the bottom or something. The horror.. 

Besides the fact that Dropbox is charging too much for this imo. Should've left it 1TB and make it €15 not €20.

Dropbox, follow policies used everywhere else around the world: paying = no ads. Period. 

Collaborator | Level 8

@Heavypen and @comfort. Thanks for letting everyone know how you feel about this issue. I suspected it wasn't just me. I feel bad that your exceptionally high standards of quality and professionalism for what you do is lessened by the overall negative impression those forced Dropbox ads impose upon your clients. I hope you're both well and wish you good fortune.

@Walter - Thanks for your replies. My following comments aren't in any way personal and are not meant to lessen the great positive experience I've enjoyed exploring the Dropbox service and community. I hope Ed, you and the rest of the Dropbox team are well and wish you good fortune.


To Dropbox Decision Makers

When I posted this topic in 2016 I described those Dropbox Business ads as "not a deal breaker. But it's still annoying." That quickly escalated from annoying to an absolute deal breaker.

I realized regardless of what individual Dropbox plan I had and no matter how expensive it was you'd still force feed me constant annoying Dropbox Business ads whenever I used your service.

So I cancelled my Dropbox Pro membership in mid 2016. Yes, for that Business ads reason alone.

I'm not kidding. Please let that sink in.

It wasn't because of the price of your plans or the features (or lack thereof) you provided. You gave me the only reason I needed on a silver platter. There's no option to disable those annoying Business ads.

In other words, decision makers at Dropbox, you lost me as a paying customer back in 2016 because I solved my problem without your dev team having to do a thing.

I no longer had to put up with those insanely annoying Dropbox Business ads because I just stopped using Dropbox. Problem solved!

Since then I seldom use my free Dropbox account. Once or twice I upgraded to Pro for a single month to complete a task and switched right back to free.

Which means for just over two years the company lost between $250 to $400 I would have happily paid to keep using Dropbox Pro nonstop. The company will lose at least triple that amount over the next few years because I've no intention, whatsoever, on ever having a Dropbox paid account.

In case you're still not getting the concept, you Dropbox Decision Makers, you're effectively treating your paid DB Plus and Pro paying customers exactly like the FREE version customers who are always getting ads to upgrade to a paid version.

Your Dropbox Plus and Pro paying customers always get Business ads - no matter what. They're constantly reminded every time they access your website (to do anything) that instead of flying coach they should pay to upgrade to First Class.

Instead of being a lowly individual they should be a business. Doesn't matter if most of those Business class features are useless to individuals, your website keeps hammering away at users every single darn time they access it to do anything.

After encountering those Business ads so many times it becomes insulting.

Insulting enough for me to cancel my DB Pro account and not bother putting up with it any longer. I'll enjoy getting on another airline that welcomes me to flying coach without going out of their way to mention they even have a First Class. 

These are the airlines that are happy to have me paying to be on their flights in the first place.  Rather than the FREE equivalent of trying to be a stowaway.

There's nothing wrong with every now and then sending out an email or other notice about Business features or sales, etc. Yet spamming that in the actual website interface when paying customers access it to do anything - that's annoying and for me a deal breaker.

I'm curious, are you mass spamming Dropbox Plus and Pro ads to your Business accounts? You know, like do you pester the living daylights out of your Business account users just in case they may use or know someone who could use a Dropbox individual class account?

Let me guess, that would be really annoying, right? They would already have the specific type of account that they want to use with Dropbox, right? Since they're already paying it would be easy for them to manage their account and change to a different type, right?

It's still the start of the new year, 2019, and as I seldom use my free Dropbox account I figured to check in on things and noticed this topic. And apparently since my deal breaker still isn't fixed I saved myself suitable amounts of grief, time and money. Rather than waste the past 2 plus years hoping you would add the option to disable those annoying Business ads.

Again, you don't have to fix it. I fixed it myself, which is best for me.

Should you ever provide an option to disable Business ads maybe I'll care. I'm not waiting for it to happen. I only wonder how many DB Plus and Pro paying customer you have that feel the same way some of us do. And in that case, they're leaving when they've had enough, just like I did.

If you simply added one option many of us would never have left. Just something to consider.

Explorer | Level 3

@Kenneth_I Great job explaining how i also felt last year when i cancelled my dropbox account.

I've run nextcloud for the better part of a year, but the need for an offsite solution is arising again and even though there's some love for dropbox left, I don't even consider Dropbox. The competing solutions (eg pCloud, Onedrive and Google drive) offer so much more, or the same in a way cheaper package.

I truly believe Dropbox is trying to get rid of its consumer users in favor of it's business users, which might be more reluctant of migrating, or relucant of having it's data with Google, Microsoft or a lesser known party.

As most corporate users are using the microsoft products anyway, and they come with practically free cloud storage with every office product, i deeply believe Dropbox should have to change strategy.

Helpful | Level 6

Thanks @Kenneth_l & @Brainfrz for adding valuable commenting to the discussion! 

@Kenneth_l, I don't even believe I have 'exeptionally' high standards for my clients, but not sending logo's and ads from tools I use is definately one. What would people say if Photoshop adds a bar at the document bottom on every export (that you cannot get rid of) saying 'Created with Adobe Photoshop'. The world would be upside down. Dropbox is doing this with their product.

Some interesting backround reads to reflect on some of dropbox' weird decision making:

I think Dropbox should've left the permanent free plan consumer concept ages ago and move to paid plans and professional business services. Forcing these ads to their paying customers gives me the impression it's too late for them now and they don't know what else to do. It looks desperate. 

Also not allowing freelancers to use the Plus plan (and be able to deduct tax)  if they don't want the extra space or Showcase is insane.

This whole drama just makes me sad because I've always liked dropbox and I like to support counter offerings from the big tech giants. So I sincerely wish Dropbox the best and lots of success and fortune. But the speed in which they improve, rollout features and ignore great feedback is not helping.

Richard O.3
Explorer | Level 4

I raised a bug and commented on this more than a year ago and nothing has changed. I was a paid Dropbox subscriber since 2010, but that doesn't seem to count for anything. I've cancelled my account and now just on the last few days on the free Pro account trial, as I move all my data over to Google Drive, which I get unlimited data as part of my G-Suite.

It's not quite as nice interface wise, but Google Photos is everything that Carousel should have been and best of all Google Drive doesn't behave like Shareware/Nagware.
Actually, Dropbox is worse than Shareware, because it still affects paying customers. If Google Drive sucks, I'll move to OneDrive, which many of us also likely have a free unused Terrabyte or more.

New member | Level 2

Apparently Db is not listening. Why should they?

I'll be canceling my upgrade and moving on. Pity.

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