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Don't remove Dropbox Showcase !

Don't remove Dropbox Showcase !

Explorer | Level 4



I just heard that Dropbox Showcase was going to disappear. I am both sad and very upset to hear this news. A few years ago I decided to take out a Business subscription for this tool. This unique tool, almost perfect, that makes all the difference! Indeed, I use Showcase on a daily basis to respond to calls for tenders from my clients. Dropbox Showcase allows me to create a response where the customer can find videos references, images, quotes, .etc ... all this in an interactive and professional presentation. This tool is perfect in my opinion! The interface, the ease of use with being able to import your Dropbox files, .etc ... it saves me incredible time! It allowed me to show off my projetcs and win many calls for tenders! I have always had very positive feedback from my clients thanks to Showcase. You say today that you replace this tool with Dropbox Transfer, I am deeply sad because it really has nothing to do with it! I feel abandoned. I found InvisionApp which comes close but which is useless for me because I am a videographer and it is impossible to host videos in it. To my knowledge you were the only ones in this area, and no tool today will be able to replace what you had built! 😞 I don't understand your decision and I share with you my deep disappointment. 😞


Please, don't remove Dropbox Showcase ! 🙏




Helpful | Level 5

I have begun engaging InVision about their boards product. $7.95 a month for multiple users!

Will let you know how I go with them.
My solution must be able to showcase Word docs, PDFs, Images, Audio andf Video files. (on any device) with ability to download from the page. 


Explorer | Level 4

no puedo creer que bajen showcase. Lo usábamos muchísimo para realizar presentaciones con clientes nuevos. Una decisión desacertada

Martin L.35
New member | Level 2

Me, too. I'll likely be downgrading my DB subscription, now.


I've just tried out Branded Sharing and Branded Transfer. Neither of them remotely resemble the presentation quality of Showcase. They only display tiny thumbnails. YOu can't simply move items around. Actually, I could go on and on, what they lack.

Explorer | Level 3

In case anyone would like to use Sharekits as an alternative to Showcase, here's a 30% discount coupon for the members of the community: DROPBOXFORUM

Not everyone will find it as a viable alternative, but we're receiving many Showcase users who are happy with the tool.

Here are a couple of examples of how the content could be shown:

Example 1
Example 2

Hope it helps!

Hi folks, we’ve been keeping an eye on the thread here and it’s clear many of you would like a further response from us.
We understand that those here are very passionate about Showcase, and we love to hear your voices and so we want to shed some further light on this decision.
Sometimes trying to find the right solution to our customers problems takes a number of iterations, a number of pivots. Showcase was designed to be a great resource to share your work, as many of you here have clearly been doing. 
To keep anything, including Showcase, up and operational isn’t unfortunately a case of setting it up and stepping back. As with any feature, significant resources need to be dedicated to maintaining it. In the interest of driving our product experience forward and creating the best overall experience we have had to make the tough decision to redeploy those resources.
From a functionality perspective, we’ve built out many of the key elements of Showcase that our users told us they loved at a greater depthfrom our new Dropbox Transfer, to branded sharing, to traffic and insights. While Showcase as a solution will no longer exist, we hope that most of you will not only be able to complete the same tasks and workflows within our new suite, but actually be able to do it with greater efficiency and ease in the long run.
I want to stress that we do value your feedback on this. And while in this case we’re not able to pursue your desired direction, we hope that this decision will allow us to work on and improve other features that will improve your experience and enjoyment of the overall Dropbox product.
Many thanks,
Helpful | Level 5

I truly wish you had better news. The options you suggest are not really close to the functionality of Showcase.


The very short notice ( aprrox. 2 ish months) that you were deleting showcase has

caused some stress for sure.  I have thousands of people relying on their showcase links.  It will be a huge shock for them, who I cannot reach for whatever reason, when January 31st comes around and boom, all gone.  

Explorer | Level 4

Hi people. I and my team are working on a service like sharekits but with a lower price and hope to offer soon. If they can´t offer what we need we have to do something about it.

Helpful | Level 5

I appreciate someone took the time to respond. Though showcase honestly is the biggest reason I use Dropbox over alternatives is showcase when I have work to present to a client. It's just great that a cloud service also is where I can directly present my work from. Anyway will look into the alternatives mentioned above and move on. 

CG Entp
New member | Level 2

Really disheartening after looking through the entirer string.   So many individual with diverse needs all found this app important for different reasons.  Hard to believe a one size fits all app, people relied on, was flushed.   Its a pity with all the revenue generated from subscriptions that they had to sacrifice the cost benifits to their user base to bolster the bottom line and bonuses for executives.  It sure looks like DB has gone corporate when it is willing to sacrifice it's uniqueness in storage solutions world .    It would be different if they actually had a suitable or an upgraded app.   However their poor attempt to adequately fill the void didn't come close to hitting the target indicating they really don't care.  Too bad and too sad to see a company losing it's identity to cash in on a bigger bottom line.  


Helpful | Level 5

I unfortunately still haven't found a suitable replacement for Showcase.

I was looking at Invision Boards but the soultion canpt cater for Video. It's primarily targed to Design.


At the moment I'm using DropBox Paper but its a pretty sh*tty solution compared to Showcase. I've even raised helpdesk and 'feature wishlists' with DropBox. 

They keep pointing me at DropBox branded sharing. 

I just wish DropBox would create some videos or blogs with tips on how each product suits a customer type. 

• Product 1 is best suited to sharing large files, here's the best way to use it.

• Product 2 is great for Videographers, here's examples on professioanl ways to present.

• Product 3 is spot on for document collaboration, this is how to use it.


I do believe that DropBox has it in them to create excellent products and be an industry leaderr but at present there is a huge gap in 'customer front of mind'.


I'm super keen to hear how everyone is going now in the Post Showcase World. 

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