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Easier use for Password-protected folders

Easier use for Password-protected folders

Explorer | Level 3

Hello! Just wanted to post some quick quality of life updates that I would love to see for ease of use/better user experience: 

1. Show password/lock icon on folders which have been assigned a password-protected link.

Bonus: Maybe with an option to copy the password to the clipboard? 

Mockup of an example of how it could be shown: 



Side note: you could also add an icon for the share-able link too, so you can click it to copy the link instead of opening the interface.


2. The ability to auto-generate a random password and copy to clipboard for the password-protected file links would be a huge improvement. Especially when I need to change/add passwords for multiple clients frequently. 



Thank you!  

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Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this @GFXDistrict!


I just wanted to drop in to let you know that we recommend posting your ideas as separate posts, to make sure they get the attention they deserve.


You can check out our top 10 tips for posting your ideas here too.


Hope this helps!

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