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Exclude photos from the photos tab.

Exclude photos from the photos tab.

Kevin S.
New member | Level 1

I'm a relatively new Dropbox user, though I have been using at work for about a year now. I really like most of the functionality of Dropbox, but I don't like the Picture Tab (left hand column). It shows ALL my pictures and doesn't give me the opportunity to exclude any pictures from showing up in that menu.

I work as a paramedic instructor part time and I have a ton of gruesome pictures that get used in lectures, etc. I really don't want those pictures appearing next to pictures of my wife, kids, and family events. I'd like to have the ability to exclude whole folders from showing up inside that Photo Tab. I like the functional ability to look at large thumbnails of my pictures, but not being able to discriminate/exclude pictures from that field almost makes it dangerous to use Dropbox at all.

I'm sure I'm not the only person who would like to exclude certain pictures from that kind of very public display. Would it be possible to add this feature? If it is possible, can you tell us when it might occur?

Thanks for your help!

New member | Level 2

+1 for this. We need the ability to exclude folders from being included in



New member | Level 2

+1 on this also! The lack of the ability to exlude certain folders or selectively include only the folders I want makes the photos feature completely useless to me. I'd rather it wasn't there at all than to have it simply include every folder in my Dropbox.

New member | Level 2

yes - this needs to be a key feature.  I have a ton of pictures from friends that are shared.

Explorer | Level 4


I have thousands of images that are not 'photos', such as desktop wallpapers, avatars or any other type of image and I would like to exclude them from my personal photos.

I think you can invest in making Dropbox Photos a photo storage system worthy of the name.
There would be a lot of other features to implement in this sense, but at least the ability to exclude specific folders or images should be restored.

brady r.1
Explorer | Level 3

I just wanted to add my voice to the request to be able to exclude photos from the new timeline.  This has been brought up a number of times; just wanted to say that it's weird that I can't have an image file anywhere in my Dropbox without it being part of my photos timeline.


Hey there @brady r.1 - I moved your post under this thread to keep things neat in our forums and so that you can upvote it as well. 

I'm also passing comments along to our dev team for their consideration - thank you for this feedback. 

If there's anything else I can help with in the meantime, please let me know. 

Serkan O.
Helpful | Level 6
Clearly, consumer needs around photo management are low on the totem pole. Points that are relevant for me include (1) the removal of album functionality, (2) lack of support for iOS live photos, and (3) removal of the ability to exclude photos from the timeline. So, I have chosen to cancel my paid account and have moved ˜200 GB of photos to another service. I love DropBox, but they're just not good for photos (anymore).
Explorer | Level 4

@Brady r.1  What's even weirder it that they used to have this fuctionality and got rid of it....why?


@Serkan O.  Amen to that.

Explorer | Level 3

Another vote for needing this feature... It' really annoying to have video game screen grabs and tv episodes scattered in with my family photos. 

Explorer | Level 3

Original idea from 2014, glad to see dropbox cares about it... the more you do on photos the more you ruin my experience using dropbox, you just take away all my control. I'll obviously need to find a different provider. A request like this from 2014 not being answered is honestly rubbish. How can I go premium if you just change things and remove all my control over my files and how I want to use dropbox... doesn't make sense.

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