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Facial recognition in photos

Facial recognition in photos

New member | Level 2


I appreciate the "Photos" entry to explore easily the entire storage, but is it possible to add a facial recognition feature, and (maybe) parse photos by tags (with facets).

Thanks !

Latest Update
Thank you for sharing your idea.
We have looked into this, but it is not something we are actively working on at this time. 
We regularly review these ideas, and we will keep you updated if this idea moves forward in the future.
Status changed to: Not for right now
Dimock Center
New member | Level 2

Cataloging faces so that you can search for all photos of a given person would be so helpful. Apple and Google Photos already do this so I hope Dropbox isn't too far behind. 



New member | Level 2

 Not having this type of photo organization is what is keeping me from signing up to DropBox (and will keep me away until someone else does it first).  I'd prioritize this functionality if I worked at DropBox

New member | Level 2

Yikes, no thanks. Left both those services because of this. 

Explorer | Level 4

Would be great if Dropbox could provide some face recognition software and photo organization software along with simply back ups. That would potentially get more users. Something that may have already been considered but still not available. 

New member | Level 2

Hello! I also think that this feature is nowadays state of the art. You should include it even if you don't like it!


There are one thing stopping me from moving from Dropbox to Google: the lack of Linux support. I already posted that to Google. If they ever fix this, there will be no reason for me to stay at Dropbox. The same for many people having Linux machines. 


Only one thing is much better Google than Dropbox without any discussion... The storage of pictures... Imho you should improve a lot in this field... Otherwise, your business model can be jeopardise...



Dov Ben Asher
New member | Level 2

I vote yes. I agree.  I would like photo recognition as part of the Dropbox photos.  I have started to migrate my photos from Google photos as others above have mentioned.  Thanks

Explorer | Level 3

As a member for over 10 years now…it is time please!!!!

New member | Level 2

This would make life so much easier. Tagging is helpful but time consuming. This is really the only miss for me. 

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