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File Request Link - Automatic Renaming of Files

File Request Link - Automatic Renaming of Files

Helpful | Level 6

Hi Dropbox!


The automatic file naming for file upload requests has been a problem for some time.


Recently you gave us some options for setting file naming conventions (Thank You @Megan!) and closed this thread -


HOWEVER, this does not solve the main problem at all. There is no option to NOT rename the files when someone uploads the files to the file request link. Some of us use this file request feature and work on large projects with many files and don't want all the files to be renamed with the uploader's name. We then have to spend so much time manually renaming the files to get rid of the uploader's name. It makes the whole upload request feature unusable when uploading a large amount of files unless instructing people to only upload file zips, which is not always possible...


PLEASE give us an option to not HAVE to include the uploader's name in the file name. We just want the option - it can be turned off by default, that's fine.


Thanks!!!! 🙂



New member | Level 2

Thank you, Staab!
It's hilarious that they closed and locked the thread and set the status to "delivered"  after 6 years, 20k views and numerous complaints WITHOUT EVEN SOLVING THE PROBLEM.


Please re-open the original post since the issue was not actually solved.

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