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I'd like to see the Smart Sync feature in the Plus plan in the future.

I'd like to see the Smart Sync feature in the Plus plan in the future.

Collaborator | Level 8

Come on Dropbox!  Make this happen for pro/plus users!!! 

Super User

Thanks for the feedback, but for now SmartSync is geared towards the Dropbox Business

New member | Level 2

Better hurry up.

I'm leaving dropbox for one drive, if this don't get fixed. Your pro/business differentiation is a failing strategy, pissing off costumers.


Hey PureBlizz


Thanks for posting this request on the Dropbox Community! 


I'm just following up to let you know that, as @dbeato mentioned, Smart Sync is now in early access for Dropbox Business accounts, but we are looking into making it available to more users in the future, since this is a popular feature request. 


Thanks for upvoting, please let us know if you have any other queries or there's anything else you need help with. 


Warm regards, 


Explorer | Level 4

Just seen the blog post on smart sync - great idea will make the whole solution that much more usable...hang on, business customers only.  I've been paying Dropbox customer for at least 5 years now and when new stuff comes along I'm treated like a second class citizen and made to wait for the scraps from the "paying" customer's (i.e. Business customers) table.


Shame on you dropbox this is no way to treat loyal customers.



New member | Level 2

Yea I second this. I'm going to give Dropbox a few months to bring this to Plus users, or I'm out. Too many other companies are offering similar features to Smart Sync and as a paying customer I'm sick of this "business only" BS. Quite happy to migrate my files elsewhere if you don't deliver.

Explorer | Level 3

Hi, I agree with the other DropBox users complain that Smart Sync is only offered to Business Users, but not to the Plus paying customers. Other competitiors already provide this for all their users for some time now and also are a bit cheaper than DropBox, I hope something is done soon or I will also end up leaving.

Helpful | Level 6

I also want the smart sync for Plus users ASAP.

Please what's the wait?

New member | Level 2

Definately agree with this. We need Smart Sync for ALL paying customers.

Explorer | Level 4
With the recent announcements I am done.....goodbye dropbox and good luck with all those Business Customers you actually seem to value.

New member | Level 2
I have had dropbox for about four or so years and I love it. However, I just learned today that my Dropbox Pro account does not include the ability to sync files on my computer and save the disk space. I think you call it smart sync. And I see I would have to upgrade to another plan that costs twice as much. I am very much dissatisfied and will probably close my account because of this.
It seems like paying for smart sync was slipped in somewhere. I had a desktop and I recall it seems that I used this feature on it but didn't pay extra. Now I have a laptop and I don't have access to smart sync.
I know I can switch to Onedrive with all the features for nothing, but I like Dropbox and am used to it. So telll me why choose to stay with Dropbox? The reps in chat were not very friendly or helpful at all. Thanks!
PS. Yes, I know about Selective Syncing, and I know how to use that. But I need access to all my files on each computer, not some.
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