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I wish Dropbox could cast image and Pictures to Chrome Cast

Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox Cast image and Pictures to Chrome Cast - feature request

I am super happy with my Dropbox license which is widely used on Android, iPad, and Windows 10 systems.

However, I miss one feature:
The ability to cast directly from Dropbox on Android and iOS systems.

I'm aware that you can set up your Android device to mirror the screen of a Chrome Cast, but it's cumbersome, and not always very reliable. Often the connection is lost and you have to set up the Mirror again.

If you are using an IOS device, mirroring of the screen is not possible. I realize that there are work around solutions that can be used, for example to use a browser and cast it, but it's not super functional.

My wish, and probably millions of other Dropbox users, is therefore:

Can we get:
Chrome Cast -  integrated directly into the Dropbox App - for Android and iOS devices ? ? ?

It will certainly be a feature that will be widely used.

Explorer | Level 4

It's been many months and many requests – an still no action from Dropbox. 
Dropbox: you need to become Chromecast compatible so users can easily cast to large screens. What's holding you up?

Helpful | Level 6

We need more votes to attract the attention of the Dropbox developers, but it is heading in the right direction.


Hope they will soon realize that it should be a standard feature and that millions of users will use it.


It is now quite basic that an app of this type has cast facility.

Explorer | Level 4

Yeah, it's disappointing this thread hasn't been listened to by dropbox. I can understand why they have a vote system, and it's true this thread hasn't had many votes yet. I actually think this would be a great feature for lots of users, it's just that most users haven't even considered it might be possible. If anyone can think of a good way to spread the idea, that would be most welcome! 

Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox Cast funktionality


Dropbox with cast functionality will not only be a win for private users.


Business users will be able to run some form of Power Point functionality with a Chrome Cast, a phone and a stack of numbered slides alone. Simple but effective.


You can slide back and forth, you can zoom in on your slides with your fingers. Great control over your presentation.


A small step for the Dropbox developers.

A big step for Dropbox humanity. 


Dear Dropbox developers:

We simply cannot live apart from this functionality.


Give it a Vote !

Explorer | Level 4


This would be a great feature!

I hope it would be considered by the Team.


I'm using Dropbox to store Photos.

I wish I could cast to TV Dropbox photos both from desktop/laptop & mobile.


Even if Dropbox Photos should be improved too (e.g. album organization, places or people/faces, being able to exclude specific pictures or folders - see

Explorer | Level 3

That would be so good.

Explorer | Level 4

I totally agree with this idea and Im extremely disappointed its not a standard feature.  If it wont even be considered Im afraid I will have to relocate to another cloud platform that does.  

New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

This is a major feature missing from Dropbox imo- I currently have to use Flickr to do this but would like to consolidate all my pictures and videos into Dropbox. Until this functionality is added I won't do this. Is it a case of barriers to entry by the big monopolistic Google, Microsoft etc. or just down to a lack of priority on development of this functionality by Dropbox? 

Explorer | Level 4

There are plenty of votes coming in for this feature. Dropbox still waits. 

For every person who takes the time to text there are likely 100's who want the feature but don't text. 


New member | Level 2
New member | Level 2

Another vote for Dropbox integration with Chromecast! I export dailies for my documentary team to view via Dropbox and it would be great way for them to easily view these exports on their TV.