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Improve photos interface on web

Improve photos interface on web

Helpful | Level 5

Dropbox makes it easy to auto-upload images from your mobile. However it's almost impossible to manag the photos once they are in Dropbox (unless you have room on your computer to sync all the photos, in which case why would I have uploaded them from my phone to Dropbox in the first place?? lol)


Today essentially all you can do is browse camera uploads by date, search photos by name, and manually group photos in folders. These are all extremely slow processes, it takes forever to load photo previews when scrolling, if you click on a photo it is slow to load, and when you go back to the photo list you go back to the *top* of the list so you have to go through the scrolling process again to get back to where you were. You can't search or filter by photo creation date, or other metadata like the location where the photo was taken. It doesn't seem like Dropbox is even trying, since they decided to kill Carousel.


So this suggestion is mainly to just make an effort, do a user-oriented design exercise for the photos experience for a user who: 

* takes photos on their phone

* uploads them to dropbox from their phone because they don't have enough room to store them all on their phone

* accesses them and manages them on the website because they don't have enough room to download them all to their computer


You guys are smart, I know you can figure out what needs to happen 😉 but if you want some more specific suggestions to start here are some:

* easily and quickly browse photos online by date (should be able to select a date without having to scroll; photo thumbnails for selected date should load within less than 2 seconds for user with decent internet connection; should be able to open a photo and then return directly back to the same place in the photo stream where you were)

* advanced photo search to find photos by filename, date, location, other metadata (if implementable, maybe also by face match, color, time of day, etc)

* easy method to send photos to desktop or mobile without downloading zip files (i.e. flag a photo for sync to desktop on the web interface and dropbox desktop will automatically download that photo)

* make basic edits within the web interface (crop, rotate)

* easily & quickly group photos into albums, or tag photos

* easily share photos and albums/tags via all the main share tools (email, sms, facebook, twitter, whatsapp, pinterest, etc, etc)


Hi @teo5; thanks for sharing your thoughts and ideas with us!


I just wanted to let you know that this idea is going to need a bit more support before we can share your suggestions with the team so I've updated the status here to encourage more users to back you up!


See you around the Community and take care! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Mads Ulrik S.
Helpful | Level 6

That would be so nice with some better photo management and search options. I think, that is the part I'm missing the most with Dropbox.... 

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