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Is it possible to disable the prompt to create an account when viewing a shared link?

Is it possible to disable the prompt to create an account when viewing a shared link?

Explorer | Level 3

Are you going to remove the annoying Create account dialog when I'm sharing the file? A lot of people I'm sharing the file asks me to use the onedrive instead because they don't want to create dropbox account, and I do not have time to tell everyone that they can just close the window. I'm your user since a lot of years and still can't use your service fully due to stupid dialog.


Hi @radexpol; happy Friday!


I just dropped by to let you know that I've updated the status here to encourage more users to back you up as this idea is going to need a bit more support before we can share your suggestion with our team. 


Stay safe and see you around the Community!
Status changed to: Needs more votes
Helpful | Level 6

When I share a link to a folder the person on the other end gets a full-screen Dropbox Sign-Up Popup.


There should be no obstacles to share my files with someone else. This is also a confusing user experience. The person on the other end thinks they have to sign up to access the files. Or I have to explain to them they can bypass it. 


What I'm suggesting is abolustely no upsell pop-ups or obstacles to share files with others. The link should go directly to the contents of the folder/file.


This is what it looks like on mobile when I share a folder with someone (I have a paid Dropbox account). Ugh. 



Helpful | Level 5

Yes. I'm starting to consider OneDrive or GoogleDrive as a viable alternative. Since Dropbox has gone public, it's all about the "growth hacks", not about the user experience.  One of the biggest use cases for cloud storage is online collaboration, and Dropbox is throwing up too many roadblocks, with their sign in prompts and side bar slide outs.  Take me back to 2008 please.

New member | Level 2

When people view content that was shared from a paid account, they should not get the "...sign in | sign up" popup. It's too big and it pops up too often. For some, it significantly changes the value of a paid account.

Helpful | Level 5

Can't we just use common sense instead of voting? Scan the web and there are many more complaints about this. Share a file in Google Drive, you don't see this

Explorer | Level 4

I teach younger students and when teaching virtually, it confuses them when they get a shared Dropbox link from me which has a lesson or assignment (and they don't have a Drobox account...which is most of them) and a blue Popup comes up at the bottom that says Keep it safe in Dropbox...sign up or sign in. They then have to click the x to remove the popup. Some students get very confused and think they have to have a Dropbox account to do the lesson or assignment. If there was a way to disable that, it would be extremely helpful for students. I would be willing to pay a bit more to have a Dropbox with this feature. 


Also, but not as important as the lower popup is the sidebar that is so large and it takes up 1/3 of the screen when they pull up a PDF from a shared Dropbox link. Some kids don't know to click the arrow to move it out of the way and it isn't obvious unless they are coached. Even parents stuggle some with that. If it wasn't so big or it was more obvious that they could click to move it off the screen, that would be so much easier for them. I'm not entirely sure what it is even there for. Not great for education because again it just adds another step and some confusion. 


With the 2 things I stated above, when a student gets the link they have to 1. x out the popup and then 2. click the arrow to move the sidebar out of the way before they can start doing the lesson or assignment (and like I said, the younger students struggle some with that). 


I like Dropbox way better than Google Drive and would rather stay with Dropbox. Most teachers use Google Drive for education and by helping us out with better ways to help eliminate steps and confusion for students receiving links to doucments and such, perhaps more teachers would gravitiate to Dropbox....I would promote you all!!! Perhaps you could have another Dropbox level that focuses on education vs business. Important during this Distance Learning age!!

New member | Level 2

While sharing Dropbox Paper's public view link with other users, the Dropbox login box blocks the complete content.

Dropbox paper sharing blocked by Dropbox loginDropbox paper sharing blocked by Dropbox login 

example URL(view in incognito):


I had to use Notion for these use cases(no Notion login box & clear sharing experiences):


clean sharing experience on Notionclean sharing experience on Notion

Helpful | Level 5

There is a workaround i use all the time, not only for the 'sign up' reason, but to avoid any confusion:


this is the default link:********/SomeFile.pdf?dl=0

change the last number to a '1':********/SomeFile.pdf?dl=1


what happens is that the file is automatically downloaded in the new tab and it does not open at all.

There is still a chance that people miss the fact that a file just got downloaded, but usually it works better then having them trying to locate the small download button.




Helpful | Level 6

@Atair Yes, I'm aware of that workaround, but it doesn't solve needing to share access to a folder, which I often do. 🙂

Community Manager

Hi all,


Thank you for supporting this idea. 

We've taken this into consideration in some improvements we've made to the overall Dropbox UI experience. 

Your feedback is really important to us so thank you for sharing it with us! 


Status changed to: Delivered
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