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Make TAGS editable or deletable from master list, please

Make TAGS editable or deletable from master list, please

Helpful | Level 5

Through weeks of tagging thousands of my portrait photos, I've changed my tags to better flow and group by category, but the old tag names are still popping up as options. I would like those gone as options. It would be great to see a master list of tags, and from there be able to manage (edit, delete) tags from a master list, not just from individual files. Thanks for considering! 

Latest Update
Thank you for sharing your idea.
We have looked into this, but it is not something we are actively working on at this time. 
We regularly review these ideas, and we will keep you updated if this idea moves forward in the future.
Status changed to: Not for right now
marie-eve p.
Explorer | Level 4

Hi, is there a way to purge unused tags?

Also, it would be great to have a tag manager where you can see all your tags at one place



New member | Level 2

Would love this! The tags feature as it currently is seems a bit half-baked and lacking in pretty essential features. 

New member | Level 2

This is a huge part of organizing creative assets, being able to view all of the tags from a master list and edit it is a huge part of what we are looking for. Have been considering moving our entire business to Dropbox but this lack of tag management is a serious hesitation for us. 

New member | Level 2

Hello, I'm considering using dropbox for my media management team but the clunkiness of tags is a serious concern. Is there an update on when this basic functionality to rename and delete tags will be available?

New member | Level 2

Frankly, the half-baked implementation is really short-sighted. Tags are a fantastic way to annotate content, making it easy to find things no mater how you have it tucked away in folders. Your disinterest in spending just a bit more development effort to make tags manageable is surprising. Just the two simple things people have mentioned in this thread...

  • Ability to delete unused tags.
  • Ability to rename a tag.

...would make your tag implementation a "completed" feature. As it sits, it is enticing and great when you first begin using them. Then, they become a cluttered mess when you make a few goofs or want to rethink your tags. The lack of those two features, on their own, make me question whether I should invest time in using them.


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