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More prominently display space usage

More prominently display space usage

New member | Level 2

Finding out how much space you've used of how much total in dropbox is currently very well hidden, while at the same time it will complain if you use a good chunk with annoying messages "your dropbox is almost full" but not saying how much space you have left in those messages.


The dropbox "app" interface that opens by default from the tray icon doesn't have this information listed anywhere that i could find; only as a "by the way" in the context menu of the tray application it is mentioned (as a percentage).


It would be great for those of us who actually use the capacity of our dropbox to:

  1. At a glance in a prominent place be able to see the space used/free in dropbox.
  2. Be able to permanently silence the over-zealous "almost full" warnings or be able to set them to a level that really does mean almost full (like 98% or so). I'm sorry but if I still have 15-20% of my dropbox space available that is not almost full. I'd still have Gigabytes left at that point.


Super User II

The Dropbox app does display it - as a percentage and also as an actual useage. 


If you click on the app the menu pops up, on that click on your icon on the top right (mine is a pic of me, it may just be your initial, however). On the menu there it shows you it.

New member | Level 2

I think you're talking about a different window than I am. I'm talking about the "full app" that you get when double-clicking the tray icon. Not the "panel" that is displayed from the tray icon. I know where to find it there, which is not prominent at all and I had to search for it. I already mentioned this in my original post.


This kind of information should be always easily accessible/visible no matter which interface you're looking at.

So far I've seen it's not available in either dropbox/web (it should be on the homepage somewhere) or dropbox/app (in the main interface), only in dropbox/traypanel, and then only as an "aside" in the user menu.


Hi @Wolfbeast; thanks for sharing your thoughts on this!


This idea is going to need some additional support before we can share your suggestion with the team so I updated the status here to encourage more users to back you up.


See you around! 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

I fully agree with Wolfbeast.  I am used dropbox a few years ago, when capacity was readily displayed as OneDrive does.

Current practice of hiding it under difficult to remember menu shows the app in a poor light.  There is no justification.


Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox fails to report storage information that is available on the taskbar or the app. This
is a weak point for Dropbox as they don't tell you anything until your storage is full

Google Drive I can see what my storage is. Rather, Dropbox just states "Your Account has 3TB",
with no indication of actual storage being used.

See info on Google Drive 


Dropbox - Nothing but with NO correct Storage info available.

Storage .com-2021.02.25-17_15_42.jpg




This idea has been closed due to inactivity and can no longer be voted for.


If you have a similar idea please share it with us here.

Status changed to: Closed