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Music Application for smart devices

Music Application for smart devices

Explorer | Level 3

Apple’s iTunes Match used to be free, and after an update years ago all the songs on my playlist I spent years adding to were erased. I've also noticed Apple constantly prompts me to subscribe to Apple Music which frustrates me because in3as happy with the free Apple Match which is now subscriber based.


When will Dropbox release a dedicated Dropbox music App so that Dropboxers (I should copywriter that :smiling face with sunglasses:) can stream optimized audio files to replace iTunes and other subscription based music apps? I do realize there are probably work arounds but that is the prob, they are work arounds and not native Dropbox app.



Collaborator | Level 10



Not sure if this answers your question, but take a look at CloudPlayer (on the Android playstore). It connects to your Dropbox (or OneDrive/Google Drive), scans for music files, downloads them locally (remember to tick the option) and done! Been using it for years and recently installed it for my wife too





Explorer | Level 3

Unfortunately I'm on iOS :disappointed face:

Collaborator | Level 10

Time to switch lol

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New member | Level 2

I use Dropbox for a lot of things, but the largest amount of my space is for my music collection (mid-sized collection of 150k tracks)

It would be nice if Dropbox had a fully integrated media player with all the standard features:


  • Desktop player
  • Dedicated Mobile Music App
  • Creation of Playlists
  • Auto play one track after another
  • Rating tracks
  • Metadata editor
  • Offline sync of selected tracks/playlists to mobile device
  • Display album art
  • Display filters like genre, artist etc
  • Display lyrics (probably pulled from a 3rd party service
  • Play random albums, or tracks
  • EQ (optional)

There are 3rd party options, but none of them work well, and anyway, as a paying customer I shouldn't have to use a 3rd party app to do something as basic as listening to music


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