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Plans for *just* additional connected devices

Plans for *just* additional connected devices

Explorer | Level 3

Maybe I'm a rare bird, though I do know a few people in my shoes. The default amount of space on my DB account is more than adequate for personal needs. Paying $10/month is a bit out of my budget especially when I don't need more storage. All I need is to have lots of devices connected. It would be marvelous if DB offered a plan for, say, $2-3/month to keep the same features as the free account, but have lots (unlimited?) devices instead of just three.

jorge fx
Explorer | Level 3

I adhere to the post edit dude 

being deep in the seventh decade  of my life and having stopped working actively, DB is now for personal use only, until today the company paid.
For old people like me, $ 120 a year is too much. for a fee $ 30 a year I don't even think twice. DB far superior to google drive and MS doubt !  DB password program is mediocre and roboform for instance better . 


think about it 

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Helpful | Level 5

I'm all for this 100%.

Drop box, my storage needs are a million miles below 2TB!!!  But I need like 4-5 Devices to connect.


I'd be happy to pay you for a "better plan" but can't justify the $9.99 / mo expense of something I don't need.


Give me extra device connections (unlimited or maybt 8-10) and a few drops extra storage: 50 GB and I'd gladly pay $4.99 / month.





Arturo B.2
New member | Level 2

I share this request 100%.

And I know many many organizations that would *start* using DBox with just more devices, making the big jump in the Premium subscription pretty soon.

So, in fewer words, this could be a great way of

* Cashing in for existing customers

* Give more flexibility to new customers

* Wide the customer base of DBox

* "This month as well DBOx has something new!"


Many advantages, more to come...

New member | Level 2

I need more devices not more space! 2TB is way more then I want or need. 

Please add plans in between  $120 a year and free. I can't justify the 120 per year when I don't even use the 1 GB of the storage. The marketing person that thought this was a good idea is a dumb ass free or 120 per year, They should fired that person. Everyone knows the subscription model is like drugs first one is free.  But if it cost way more than any one wants to spent, then no one will buy it. Your price model is like one gram of weed free or 1lb of crack.  To everyone on the free model feels like a big jump from weed to crack and big commitment to dropbox. I hope this opens some ones eyes at dropbox. 

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