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Please allow pairing of more than two accounts.

Please allow pairing of more than two accounts.

Helpful | Level 5

Please allow pairing of more than two accounts. As a contractor, I am a member of a company's business account, a team member of another company, and have my personal account. It is frustrating to only be able to pair two of them, so that when I need to access the third, I have to completely sign out of the others and sign in fresh for the third.

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Status changed to: Not for right now
New member | Level 2

I have 3 accounts, one personal, one for work and the third one of a project. And it would be awsome if I could change between accounts without signing out every time. I know that my password is saved in the cellphone but it would be great ti do this, like for example on IG that you can do this. It's just an idea to make the app more dinamic. Thanks!

New member | Level 2

This would be incredibly helpful as I work for a company for have my own business account. 

SM Ripon
New member | Level 2

I think if you add the switch account feature, it's will be very helpful for all users. We can very easily switch a dropbox account.

This feature is very popular for others cloud storage. So, I think this is one of the valuable features of dropbox.

Thank you.

Happy Thursday @SM Ripon, I hope you're doing well!

Would you mind providing me with some more information in regards to this idea?

What would you like to see on your end, and how would it ideally be implemented?

Let me know!
Explorer | Level 3

It’s vital than this can be implemented asap. This limitation Is so off brand for a company that gives vast and robust options for storage handling and file sharing that for those of us who need to run two business team accounts (at least) 

an agency has a team, and is team member of brands they represent. The main account you owe , let’s say the agency account, should be- in this case- the Main account and the teams we were asked to join (which we are collaboretors or admins but not owners) could be  manage from a single second account?

Explorer | Level 3

In today's business environment, I am currently working (2) part-time jobs, and running my own business. It would be immensely helpful if you could run multiple business accounts on the desktop app instead of signing out/signing in/re-syncing every time I want to jump from company DropBox to company DropBox. 

Dave C.5
Helpful | Level 7

LOL @ "Status changed to: Not for right now"


YOU mean NEVER before you go under!


OneDrive does this, it cant be that hard if Microsoft manage it right. Mahahaha


OK now some real help for those stuck trying to work out what to do.

Issue : Dropbox only lets you match 1 biz and 1 personal account PER WINDOWS USER

Resolve : use more than one WINDOWS USER


#1 create a common folder and permission it with EVERYONE access (see windows help for how to permission) example is C:\ALLDropbox


#2 Create user  subfolder that lets use ID what Windows User these folders are for.

example C:\ALLDropbox\jstolder


#3 using the Dropbox app move the Dropbox parent folder to C:\ALLDropbox\jstolder


#4 create a new windows user and login to it lets call this JSTheSecond


#5 sign up to Dropbox make the Dropbox parent folder to C:\ALLDropbox\jstolder2 (you might need to make the folder)


#6 set the Dropbox app of JSTheSecond to NOT START on startup


#7 return to the first user, and create a shortcut in the startup folder 

that runs

C:\Windows\System32>runas.exe /savecred /user:JSTheSecond  C:\Program Files (x86)\Dropbox\Client\Dropbox.exe


That's it besides the first time you run the shortcut you have to type in the password for the JSTheSecond windows user account, the /savecred above then saves it and your done.


Dropbox of the first account will load as normal, and the dropbox of the second windows account will load inside the first windows account. two dropbox icons two companies covered


Repeat for 3, 4, 5 etc, I at one time had 4.









Collaborator | Level 8

This idea makes total sense. Even 2 business accounts shouldn't be the limit in my opinion.

Perhaps at least 3 accounts should be possible? Of course it's already possible to combine one business and one personal account on the same system but why stop there?

Explorer | Level 4

@Megan  @mwickstrom1679 

I just posted a question in reference to this (on 2/20/22).  Generally the explorer format would be something similar to: 


C:\users\(me)\Biz 1 shared dropbox\... folders and files

C:\users\(m)\Biz 2 shared dropbox\... folders and files


I purchased a second business standard license prior to identifying that it cant be done.   Hoping it changes soon. 


I am assuming it would be to dropbox's benefit; i.e. two business standard licenses rather than one and a personal to try to make it work. 

Just thinking out loud here. 

Refernce to my post:  2 Business Accounts - Only one available on local folder structure; located in Dropbox community/help from the Community/Files & Folders/Dropbox files & folders.




New member | Level 2

As a freelance video editor, I was just brought onto Client A's team account and which forced me to change the login email for the personal account I had been using to connect with clients up til now. Now Client B is sharing assets to the business email address which has been sucked into the Client A's team space and I can't find a way to share to my personal account (which I had been using for Client B's previous projects) without asking the client to re-send the invitation to the other address. Might not seem like a big deal to ask for  another invitation, but I know from experience that once you have multiple email addresses in any client's address book, it increases the possibility of lost messages and confusion when that client refers other business to you. That's bad enough when I have access to both email accounts and it would be even worse if I ask clients to create an email within their company for me just for Dropbox purposes.

If I were to add folders from Client B (and C, D, E, F, etc.) into my personal folder that is now in Client A's space, I couldn't guarantee the security since Client A's admin could look at those files. Even so, I did a test by added a folder from Client B (with publicly available files for security purposes) into my personal folder on Client A's team space then saved it to my personal Dropbox (both online and drag-and-drop in the Finder)- the result: the folder lost connection with access permissions for other uses- that means I won't see when they add assets and save new versions of project files since the directory is now just a duplicate that exists independently my Dropbox. 


There needs to be an option to add directories for multiple teams under the same login. Freelance contractors are a reality for so many businesses nowadays, it's hard to understand why Dropbox would be designed around such old ideas of how work gets done.

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