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Please, don't use this freaking weird captcha!

Please, don't use this freaking weird captcha!

New member | Level 2


Your weird captcha with rolling animals really freaks me out. 

1) It's UNPRECISE. I think I've chosen a right angle, but in some cases captcha doesn't think so - and in some cases you can't roll it precisely to 0 deg, you have just, say, -5deg and +4deg as options

2) It's takes TOO MUCH time. Why should I do weird things with 3 animals, and only then know, that I've rotated wrong the first animal?

3) It's UNCONVENIENT to use. Could you, at least, add possibility to rotate with arrow keys?

As I think, it's completely idiotic and non-standard solution that misleads users.

PLEASE, remove that freaking captcha, or people will start hating you!

Jonathan W.13
New member | Level 2

I really really hate this stupid captcha.  Im stuck on Dropbox as i have so many files here and people using it, but if I could eaily move i would and purely because I really resent having to do this stupid rolling thing each time I want to log in.


Ive advised all my many clients to use alternative paid storage solutions which will have fewer 'innovations' designed solely to frustrate them and that provide no benefit whatever.


Hi all!


I just dropped by to let you know that this idea is going to need a bit more support before we can share it with the team. 


I’ve updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

Hello, guys. I'm really tired of this new captcha. What about another one? I could not pass it 4 times in a row! Why would not we use old school text recognition captha? I remember that old days, when I could surf web without captha every 30 minutes. As for me, google's one is okay. It's easy to solve and helps their AI to learn. What do you think?

New member | Level 2

No. This one is okay.

New member | Level 2

Dear colleagues.

In this hard time it is really important task to protect account from robots. But trying to solve this task dropbox developers totally forgot about humans. I tried to pass this tricky test three times without any success. I think my university degree is not enough to do it.

Please give poor people chance to solve this task. For this reason write a hint - what do you mean by "right picture position" - because in some cases to put animals legs directly vertical is impossible.

Dropbox mission is to make life easier not harder.

Thank you for understanding.

New member | Level 2

I created a community account just so I could comment on HOW MUCH I HATE this capture this. Whose horrible, completely awful idea was it to add more tasks for people who probably are already overwhelmed and have a multitude of other things to do. My time is valuable, I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO PLAY GAMES TO PROVE THAT I AM HUMAN! 

My internet connectivity is very choppy today, so I've been booted off the site abotu 5 times. Each time I have to sign in an do that STUPD CAPTURE! I am SOOOOOO over it. To the point I want to move over to another cloud service. I don't have time for this. 

Bring back the boxes with traffic lights - that was terrible as well but much better than the super innaccurate rotation animal game. STOP IT. JUST STOP IT Dropbox. 
OMG, I'm so annoyed, frustrated, and just wasted time doing all this - but that's just how much I DO NOT CARE for, actually, HATE, this new feature. 

Explorer | Level 4



+1 completely idiotic idea. Non usable at e-ink devices.


My issue there

New member | Level 2

Hello, I did not find a direct way to contact support to leave a complaint. Therefore, I will leave it here. When i try to log into account, after entering the password (whatever it may be, wrong or right), a terrible new CAPTCHA appears in which you rotate the image of animals in different directions. CAPTCHA consists of 10 images, and the fact that the password is entered incorrectly can be found only after passing the annoying CAPTCHA. And so many times in a row, it is extremely time-consuming, so much so that it is easier to reset the password. I am very worried about this new CAPTCHA, because Dropbox is about efficiency and speed, but this CAPTCHA is opposite!

New member | Level 2

That's what I said.

Really, do you really think your users have time to flip 10 pictures just to login to their notes? That's an absurd! Moreover, if I don't remember the exact password (which is common thing nowdays thanks to other ridiculous 'security measures') I have to pass this every time. Every single time, Carl! Are you crazy? It's your job to make security check smooth and invisible! Instead, you turned it to hell for your users. As a digital product designer and simple user, I'd like to nominate this captcha for Worst UX 2020.

I don't care if somebody get access to my cooking recipes. But if you do - please, make security level as an option in settings and let me decide how hard it's gonna be next time I want to login to Dropbox.

Best regards.

Explorer | Level 4

the series of 5 (or 6?)! animals to flip, is time consuming, tiring and annoying. You should definately change it. It makes me feel like i'm in the wrong century, and that your company does not value my time!

It's a good Idea to change that/

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