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Re-installing and updates changes settings.

Re-installing and updates changes settings.

Kalle S.1
New member | Level 2

Any time the dropbox app is installed or re-installed, even though user account is same, for some reason the settings are not retained from before.
This is particularly annoying when there are updates and new features are added to the desktop client such as when the smart sync was introduced - all of a sudden, every single file appeared to be a blank file (no default program to open or even a thumbnail) claiming to be 0 bytes size.
This was making a co-user of mine almost have a heart attack after re-installing his Windows and every item in dropbox looked like broken corrupted files until he by accident dubbel-klicked one and it began to download. 

None of us work like that. This is especially un-useful with large files since you think it's there to use, but it isnt. Klicking on it, expecting it to open, instead begins a download that could have been completed long ago.
Very bad idea when you want or need to start working on it immediately.

Previous settings should be retained as default even after re-installing and updates.
No one likes when other people try to mess with your computers and phones without your permission to do so or bothering to ask if you're ready for, or even interested in those changes.

How would you like it if someone suddenly switched the side of the steeringwheel on your car after fixing a flat tire, or re-arranged all the furniture in your house just because you got a new mailbox in front of it?
I bet you wouldnt like that one little bit and neither do I as a computer user.
Leave customizations to the customers. 
Options are always welcome. Forcefeeding is not.

Thank you.

Super Collaborator | Level 20
Yes, would be fine an option for all local settings (not account, but application instance specific) export/import feature. Appropriate could be formats like XML, JSON, INI or any similar, I think. So, when somebody gonna reinstall, initially export all settings, next do the actual reinstall and import back all settings on first run/link. The same could be used for install on new machine, when user want application setting be like an existing machine - settings file would just be copied in advance. 😉 Please, implement it. That don't have to be something complicated. 👌

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