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Remove a referral invitation

Remove a referral invitation

New member | Level 2

Good morning!
This idea is a continuation of my post:
https:confused face:/
In the profile settings, a list of referral invitations by email is displayed.
For situations when the referral invitation becomes irrelevant (for example, the e-mail address was specified incorrectly), please realize the possibility of canceling it.

Or, automatically delete the referral invitation in the list if it was not accepted within a month.
Thank you for the attention

New member | Level 2

Dear Dropbox Development Team, how are you today?

I have used Dropbox for private/business means for years as the service have saved me from loosing data in many instances.

I believe in Dropbox and appreciate its growth and improvements of many features/updates that have been added throughout my time using it.

As time has passed I have merged to only use Dropbox for my business means.

Due to privacy reasons, such as separation of my private/business life, I therefore suggest that Dropbox implement or at least highly consider a referral list removal feature for the near future.

Adding this option in Dropbox makes its service a more ergonomic experience for all its applicable users.

In my case it would add value to privacy means as well as cutting dead and faulty referral requests that serves no purpose in which would add value to stay put/organized.

I appreciate your time, thank you.

Best Regards,
Karl Sjoholm
Xeleven Music

This idea is going to need a bit more support before we share your suggestion with our team, so, we’ve updated the status to encourage more users to back you up. 
If you have any other questions or thoughts for us, just give us another shout. Thanks!
Status changed to: Needs more votes
New member | Level 2

tbh im just a regular person like anyone else out there. Im not better than anyone else. I have done things that I am proud over and things that I regret. Im not perfect and I never met someone that is neither.


This feature suggestion deals more than anything about me trying to be a better person healing from a toxic, heartbroken past. I know I cant change the past even if it gets eraised. But I guess its up to me for whatever life I want to live, and to work towards a brighter future for myself and the people in it, wheter I get support or not.


One love.


New member | Level 2

It will be really helpful if a user can delete at least those referral invites, that did not install, or other error invites. I have, since 2013, a mere 4 referals in my list, that I want to clean (delete). None of them has used the Dropbox ever, so no one of these will make complications of any kind. I have 3 which say "Waiting for Install", and 1 - "Ineligible".
Can someone help me, to get rid of those 4, please!

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