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Request for Dark Mode for the Website and the Desktop and Mobile apps

Request for Dark Mode for the Website and the Desktop and Mobile apps

New member | Level 2

I nearly go blind every time I open dropbox, how can you guys have been around so long yet you still don't have a simple toggle to change the CSS style to a darker color to not blind your users?

Seriously. Can we please get a night mode?

Helpful | Level 6

How can a tech company like Dropbox not be able to implement Dark mode for the web? The menu bar app for Mac doesn't even follow the OS theme of dark mode. People have been asking for three years and yet they are probably focused on some other garbage feature nobody asked for and nobody wants. Thanks for listening Dropbox!

New member | Level 2

Dropbox is consistently the most blinding website I routinely visit. It is so bad I don't visit the page at night when I'm working, I will wait until daytime to upload files.  A dark theme would really make some core users happy.  
Besides all that, its 2021, let's keep up.

Please and Thank you.

Explorer | Level 4

Dropbox was my favorite cloud storage, its not anymore,


I do like the darkmode they have on many devices,  but the cut in size over the years has gotten them out of the game. A simple phone backup is larger than the free storage.


I still use it, but for stuff I dont mind losing, since that is another problem I've had with Dropbox, not to mention my inability to post on this forum, im not even sure this will make it up public

Helpful | Level 7

Dark mode is available on Mac Beta app but not on iPhone and iPad. By the way Mac app is still in BETA. Last but not least; there is still no DARK MODE for Dropbox Mac apps in both menu bar dropdown and the desktop app. There is thousands of entries in the forum since forever. Apparently, in this specific case; Dropbox does not care what its users really would like to see.  

Helpful | Level 5

Joining the chorus here: Dropbox is on its way to be the last app on my desktop to not support Dark Mode, making its stark contrast with the rest of the Mac user experience all the more annoying.


Please implement Dark Mode support for the desktop apps!

Explorer | Level 4

Please add this, dark mode is an important accessibility feature.

New member | Level 2

Please Add Dark Mode! Sharing artwork with clients on an all white background is insanity!

Explorer | Level 4

Yes, dark mode. Because this update is important for eye health.

Handsome in a Fat Way
New member | Level 2

Dark mode, please.

Explorer | Level 3

Dropbox is now the only app on my Mac that doesn't support dark mode. It's been almost 3 years since Apple added dark mode as a system feature in macOS. How much time does Dropbox need to support this feature?

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