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Store Dropbox Files in seperate partition and bad Dropbox Software Behavior

Store Dropbox Files in seperate partition and bad Dropbox Software Behavior

New member | Level 2

Let's talk about Dropbox's sync software for a minute shall we?


Dropbox is great, it allows you to store up to a TB or more of storage online and have it ready at your fingertips. And the price is pretty competitive to the market for cloud storage.


But there's a problem with it. Dropbox DEMANDS to have a folder called "Dropbox" wherever you store the files. God forbid the folder be named anything else. That includes being its own drive that is fully synced to Dropbox. But how far and how nefarious is this problem? Well, consider that a TB is a lot of storage on the cloud. That also means that if you keep the files stored locally, that's a lot of space on your hard drive as well. Especially with the preponderance of SSDs, a TB is not "cheap" in terms of how much space the files take. For most users that's not a problem but some of us have hooked up internal and external drives and don't have the option to "RAID" them since they're different kinds of drives (SSDs and HDDs, internal and USB). Ok. So how might a user solve this so that when they're connected at home, the dropbox files are available, but they're still exactly where they're supposed to be: In your home folder under a "Dropbox" folder. Well, one might decide "I'll create a separate partition on an external drive and then mount it or link it so that when the Dropbox folder is accessed, it's ACTUALLY accessing that drive.


Only this doesn't work. Any operation to set drive to be the folder causes Dropbox to create an unnecessary Dropbox directory in the drive and then use that, No link to the home folder. Ok. What about mounting the drive AS the folder. Well, I did this before setup and found that the drive was empty and the dropbox folder in my home directory had all my files.... WRITTEN TO MY EXPENSIVE SSD.


That's not what I want. Ok, so I figured it was a glitch, moved the files to the external drive in Dropbox, and then did the mount. Well now the files are accessable in C:\Users\name\Dropbox\Dropbox.... That's not what I want either. Ok. So I'll remount the drive and move them back. NOPE! Here's the pernicious part. DROPBOX DELETES THE MOUNT POINT BEFORE MOVING THE FILES. Excuse me! I never gave you permission to unmount that drive from that folder. NO. Can you mount it back right before the actual moving process begins? Nope! It immediately unmounts and then starts moving so the folder is no longer "empty".


This is unacceptable behavior for the software. It's behavior I never authorized the software to perform.


Ok, is there something I'm missing? Can the files be put at the root of a drive? Someone else asked that question a year ago and let this sink in, the "accepted" answer, the answer that made the issue "solved" wasn't to do some manual configuration, it wasn't to let it do it's bad behavior and mitigate it, the solution was "Sorry, That's impossible (it's not except that the software arbitrarily says no) and we can't do that. Don't like it? Suggest a feature that maybe we'll solve our own bad software behavior someday in the future if enough users clamor for it.


No. Just no! We users didn't give you permission to frick around with our filesystem settings so that you could set it up the way YOU want it set up. They're OUR computers. We're paying you for a service, not for you to screw over our filesystem configurations. There is literally nothing stopping your software from ignoring the fact that the files are ACTUALLY being stored in another partition or drive. Just YOUR SOFTWARE. And that's not ok. It's a misfeature at best and if you charge a premium for us not to have that misfeature, an antifeature at worst. It's antagonistic design. And frankly I'm considering switching to a different cloud storage provider that WON'T frick with the settings I made to store the cloud content off my computer's main drive.


And to the person who stated nicely and politically correct in the answer a year ago that it was impossible and take it up with the developers (who I will add will never see it nor consider it nor spend any time on it because it doesn't make Dropbox any money), and actually had that marked as the solution, that's not a solution, that's a go frick yourself and you should be ashamed. You're covering for intentionally bad software design. Dropbox has NO BUSINESS unmounting mounted folders.


Thank you for your time.



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