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Sync dropbox across multiple locations/hard drives

Sync dropbox across multiple locations/hard drives

Ashvin B.
New member | Level 2

I have a larger dropbox account than my primary hard drive. It would be great if dropbox could support virtual links to files outside of it's default location, without those files having to also be in the main dropbox folder. I am aware of shortcuts/aliases on windows/OSX, but those don't solve the problem if my primary drive has limited space.

This is one workaround, but native support through the Dropbox client would be ideal:

Latest Update
Community Manager
Hello everyone. This feature is being increasingly supported through our external drive backup feature, and we will be expanding the types of drives we back up. However, it is worth noting that this won't behave like traditional Dropbox Sync.  This feature can backup content from multiple drives, but won't write changes that happen elsewhere. 
Status changed to: Accepted
Frederic C.2
Helpful | Level 6

@Emmet I'm pretty sure "DropBox Backup on multiple hard drives" is not what people are asking for. Hint : "Sync dropbox across multiple locations/hard drives" is the title of this thread so this is not a feature request that as been "accepted" after 7 years of asking. You have accepted another feature perhaps other people asked for in another thread but not this one.

Dave C.5
Helpful | Level 7

What part of this thread leads anyone to think they are ever going to do this?


Its comical how they say "yes we have taken it on board" (aka we dont care)

We are nearing supporting SYNC with one way backup  (aka we dont care)

Placing Status changed to: Accepted when they havent done anything


come on say it with me ....  aka we dont care

New member | Level 2

+1 for multiple folder sync( does this, so handy), not backup feature

Helpful | Level 5

I 100% agree this would be a big benefit to users.

Other cloud services have this option, and I really like DropBox for it's intuitivity but this makes me consider other cloud platfroms.



Hey @doodlemancy - would the computer backup feature help with what you had in mind perhaps?

New member | Level 2

Can't backup my Documents/Images/Desktop files which are on a HDD different from the system SDD. 7 years and you guys can't code a simple thing other cloud storage providers like Google or Amazon DO provide.

This is another reason why I recommend my clients not to use Dropbox, but they insist on using it because it's pretty.

Not to mention the program has so many threads, memory usage and processes which clog cheap processors, kind like a virus... but that's another topic.

Explorer | Level 4

This may work for pc's

But what about macs and chrome books?


Explorer | Level 4

I want to emphasize a point made last February by @Frederic C.2 in response to @Emmet , namely, that "DropBox Backup on multiple hard drives" is not the same thing as the subject of this thread: "Sync dropbox across multiple locations/hard drives".  You acknowledge as much, @Emmet , when you say "the external drive backup feature... won't behave like traditional Dropbox Sync."  Dropbox Backup does not address the issues raised by me and many others over many years.  I reiterate my plea for Dropbox to enable the ability to sync my files/folders located on multiple internal/external drives.  Boxifier has offered a way to do it for many years, and if a user does not mind paying for that simple feature and living with service interruptions whenever Dropbox updates software in a way Boxifier did not anticipate, then sure, I can continue to live with that solution.  So much better would be if Dropbox did us a service and provided the feature directly.  I would even pay extra for that feature.  

Explorer | Level 4

Very disappointed that dropbox doesn't take this issue seriously at all. I have migrated to pCloud and bought 2T lifetime storage. It supports synchronization of any local folder or disk to the cloud.

Explorer | Level 4

As per @xmokay   comments, I would add to my comments from a month ago that other cloud services like pCloud have figured out how to offer this feature.  I like most things about Dropbox, but it is frustrating that this feature has been on this thread since 2014 @Emmet.  It would be really nice to hear that Dropbox is seriously working on this.  Switching my cloud sync to another service would be a pain in the neck, but I have to say I am seriously considering following @xmokay 

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