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Sync files only created after date <x>

Sync files only created after date <x>

Explorer | Level 4



It would be great if a feature could be added to the existing "Selective Sync" function, that allows you to define that only files newer than <x> are to be synced to your local machine.

Use case:

For instance, syncing the full "Camera Uploads" folder is unnecessary for many users, as you most often just want to review or use pictures taken the last week, or month, or maybe even year. So intead of having to sync 100GB+ to your local machine, you can reduce that down to just a fraction, and still have the files you are most likely to use available locally.

Business case:

Because we currently only get the option of "all or nothing", in terms of folders like the "Camera Uploads" folder, it forces people to sync unncessary amounts of data because they want access to their latest pictures locally, but have to sync everything to get that.

If this feature is implemented, it should significantly cut on the amount of data traffic that needs to flow out from Dropbox's data centers, potentialy reducing costs in the long term.

Requirements (proposal):

  • Must be able to define the date filter for sync on a per-folder basis, or at least on the top-level folders

  • Implement either a spesific date as a filter, or/and relative dates like "Last 7 days", "Last month", "Last year", etc.

  • Local/existing files that no longer satisfy the defined filter, should be removed from the local machine on the next sync. To reduce computational costs, this might be setup as a scheduled task that runs on startup, which should still satisfy the needs of most people.
Super User II
*moves to Feature Requests area*

FYI thats at:

This idea is going to need a bit more support.

We've updated the status to encourage more users to back you up!

Status changed to: Needs more votes
Explorer | Level 3

This would be a nice feature... 


This idea has been closed due to inactivity and can no longer be voted for. If you have a similar idea please share it with us here.

Status changed to: Closed
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