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User Interface of “upload details” popup (web interface) improvements please

User Interface of “upload details” popup (web interface) improvements please

Sytze W.
Helpful | Level 5

To upload files or folders I use the web interface. (I donot use the sync tool anymore for various reasons - not out of pleasantry.)

When there is an error you need to scroll through a list. In the screenshot it's 2 files, but when uploading a folder sometimes many thousands. There is no smooth & 'fine' scrolling, so "red" files can be missed easily. But also, and this is my request, there is no way to select errors. You need to scroll and review the whole list and count how many errors you saw and compare it the the mentioned number of errors. 
And then again, also here, the small viewport for files names are an issue.

So please Dropbox; let me select which files returned errors! (and expand the popup window & show more of the file names)


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New member | Level 2

Chat transcript:
( 20:31:09 ) Visitor: Hi. I tried to upload a folder with lots of files and there were a ton of errors. I cannot figure out how to run a report showing the errors so I can see which files did not upload. I could not find anything searching the support site. Can you help please? Thanks!
( 20:31:32 ) Corey: Hello Terri, and thank you for contacting Dropbox support. My name is Corey, and I will be happy to assist you with your request, right away.
( 20:31:56 ) Corey: From my understanding, you experienced an issue with uploading a folder with lots of files in your account
( 20:33:01 ) Visitor: Yes. I don't have an issue with why they didn't upload, but I'm trying to get a report or list of the files that did not upload. It's difficult to try to read them in the little window that comes up when uploading. I'd like to download an error report or print the list that appears in that window.
( 20:34:13 ) Corey: I see thank you for clarifying - I am afraid at the moment there is no registry for any errors users see when they attempt to upload files in; only the pop up message that they see during the process
( 20:34:49 ) Corey: having said that, I believe it's best if we concentrate in having your new content in your Dropbox account
( 20:35:20 ) Visitor: that really should be a feature added to the service. i'd like to be able to run reports of files uploaded successfully AND unsuccessfully.
( 20:35:38 ) Corey: I understand that this would be really useful for you and I will pass your case as feedback to our product and development team so that they can implement something relevant in the future
( 20:35:41 ) Visitor: if the power goes out or someone accidentally closes that window, that information is gone.
( 20:36:05 ) Corey: you can also share your thoughts with our community and have our engineers review that via this link:
( 20:36:18 ) Visitor: plus when there are lots of files, it's really hard and time consuming to document which files i need to try to upload again. i literally have to start at the top and write a list down on paper
( 20:36:36 ) Visitor: ok thanks i will make the suggestion
( 20:36:42 ) Corey: You are right and I completely understand where you're coming from
( 20:36:54 ) Corey: so make sure that this will be moved to my management team
( 20:37:05 ) Visitor: thanks!

Explorer | Level 3

Login, upload folder, some files fail. Modal is trimming file names and unable to determine what files failed. May be able to match by file size but this is very painful. Have to close failure window to review uploaded files. Option to open in a new window but all of this is prone to user error. My experience thus far has been I have to try to upload the entire folder again. Installing the desktop client is not an option. The un-resizable modal is a fail.




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