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Camera Uploads

Camera Uploads

New member | Level 2


I have some questions - and clarifications needed - re: Camera Uploads.
- When Camera Uploads is enabled (for photos and videos) so an iPhone backs up to Dropbox, when I then manually delete photos/videos from the phone's album, will they remain in Dropbox or be deleted?
- If I then go and export/move (not copy) the entire - very large - CU folder content from the desktop to, say, an external hard drive, will the phone/app then attempt to re-backup everything or sync from the phone to this "empty" desktop folder?  (If so, how do I avoid this?)
- If I delete files from the mobile and/or desktop CU folder and the photos/videos still remain in the phone's photo album, will Dropbox then attempt to re-backup that file from the phone?
If I delete files from the desktop CU folder, will they also delete from the CU folder in my Dropbox app/account -- and vice versa?  (These will sync, yes?)
- In terms of order, does Dropbox upload all photos first and then all videos?  Does it go from the most current files to the oldest?  Or is this random?
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Re: Camera Uploads


Hi there @Zzz3; thanks for using Dropbox and welcome to our Community!


If you've successfully uploaded your files to your account, you're safe to delete them from your phone's albums.


Also, any files that have been uploaded through the automatic camera uploads feature, won't be uploaded again, even if you delete them at some point. 


Regarding your last concern, when syncing takes place, our desktop app chunks any files to be synced into 4MB blocks so their order to be uploaded would depend on the time-stamp of their upload and not their type. 


I hope this clarifies matters and please let us know if you have any additional questions. 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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