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Can I join the iOS beta version of the Dropbox mobile app?

Can I join the iOS beta version of the Dropbox mobile app?

Kris J.
Helpful | Level 5

Simple question,


Is it possible to join any kind of beta program for IOS?


One of my strange hobbies is to run betas of iOS, macOS, but also productivity apps like Office or Dropbox 🙂



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Re: iOS beta?


Hi folks. We're kicking off our iOS beta program again so I'll include the folks that mentioned interest on this thread :grinning: Keep an eye for an email invite in the coming weeks. We greatly appreciate the interest and the help testing our app.


For some context, we release an app every week on Mondays (pushed back a day for holidays). You can submit feedback or report apps through an in-app reporter via shake. While we won't be able to respond to all reports, we review all the reports and take action appropriately. Your feedback is invaluable to us, so we thank you all in advance.


Lastly - thanks for bearing with this delay. I was on parental leave for some time and our beta program was on hiatus.

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Re: iOS beta?

Hey @Kris J.

Sorry, we don’t currently have a beta program for testing iOS compatible releases. If you ever venture into the Android world, you can opt it to the beta program through our app’s settings. 

Thanks for offering though :wink:

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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Re: iOS beta?

Kris J.
Helpful | Level 5

@Sanchez : That's a pity! I always found app testing through testflight quite robust.


Thanks for the feedback though.

Re: iOS beta?

Super User II

There actually is a beta program for iOS, though there are a limited number of participants due to the restrictions that Apple has in place. I believe Apple limits the number of testers to 100 per platform.


I would try replying to the following topic and mentioning @Bruce. He might reach out to you if there are still slots available.


Re: iOS beta?

Kris J.
Helpful | Level 5

Hi @Rich,


Thanks for the tip. The topic you referred seems closed though.


@Bruce , if there is ever a spot left, feel free to sign me up! 🙂


Thanks for the feedback guys.

Re: iOS beta?

New member | Level 2

Hi @Bruce,

i‘m very interested into the dropbox for iOS beta too 🙂 If there‘s a seat left i would like betatesting the files app integration in iOS 11 too 🙂

Greetins from Cologne

Re: iOS beta?

Explorer | Level 4

Hi @Bruce I’m very interested trying iOS beta. I'm beta tester on Windows and Android, and I'd like to test the iOS. Thanks in advance. Waiting for your answer 👍

DropBox Beta iOS

Explorer | Level 3

@Bruce Can you invite me to the Dropbox Beta iOS?

Beta iOS

Helpful | Level 6

Do you have a Beta program for iOS users?



Re: Beta iOS

Tom H.
Super User

AFAIK, no one is not available for users. 



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