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Can not install anymore after "auto un-install"

Helpful | Level 6

Dropbox suddenly disapeared from my pc. After a lot of digging and backtracking it turns out my virus scanner (360 total security)  is to blame. Or some part of the scanner. The "cleanup" function removes (almost) all files in the c:\\program files (x86)\dropbox folder. Ok, got that figured out.


Up until today I was able to download dropboxinstaller from the dropbox site and install the software again. No harm done. Files and settings are still on my computer. Since an hour ago I can no longer install dropbox. Not even the Dropbox 65.4.177 Offline Installer.exe.


Turned off virus scanner, turned off firewall, all I get after starting the installer is "installation failed. The install programm for dropbox did not start". No error code, nothing more than that one single requester.

More digging lead me to c:\\program files (x86)\dropbox\update\offline\ folder. There are 2 folders in there: {12EFADBB-E760-4255-BE59-E8589B444FF4} + {D4DDAABA-B266-4A63-BB36-274795DA39DC}. Each contains another folder with those weird names (which contains a smaller(!) version from the offline installer) and a files called OfflineManifest.gup (quoted below)



<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<response protocol="3.0">
  <app appid="{CC46080E-4C33-4981-859A-BBA2F780F31E}" status="ok">
    <updatecheck status="ok">
       <manifest version="65.4.177">
            <package name="DropboxClientInstaller.exe" hash="kLW9pNHqL1M/vkemEbxS7jfF5OQ=" size="100343544" required="true"/>
            <action event="install" run="DropboxClientInstaller.exe" arguments="/S" needsadmin="true"/>
            <action event="postinstall" onsuccess="exitsilently"/>



After another few attempts to install, there are now 4 folders in c:\\program files (x86)\dropbox\update\offline\

The "Dropbox 65.4.177 Offline Installer.exe" is 103.607.728 bytes.

The installer inside the weird folder(s) is called "installer" and in 100.343.544 bytes. It does NOT start.


I am completely lost. Why does dropbox refuse to install?

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Re: Can not install anymore after "auto un-install"

Helpful | Level 6

Geepers creepers. I made windows search for any dropbox files/exe still on my pc (yeah yeah...). It found dropbox in c:\Users\Gebruiker\AppData\Roaming\Dropbox\dropbox.exe . And it works. All files, all settings all work.


Why did dropbox move?

Why does the installer not state "already installed"?

How can I do the next update now?


Re: Can not install anymore after "auto un-install"


Hey there @novw  - sorry for the tardy response; are you still having issues with this? 

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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