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Checking for Changes zombie process every boot now

Explorer | Level 3

Okay, not sure if it is a new release of Dropbox or a new Windows which is the culprit, but as of the last few days, Dropbox seems to be scanning every folder and every file (even though the total changes are only a few dozen files every day).  Until the "Checking for Changes.." goes away, no new files are showing on my PC from my Mac and vice versa.

The process is taking 10-15% of my CPU and half a GB of memory and takes half an hour each time I boot up the computer.  All the files have already been synced, the net result is the new files I have actually made changes to do not show up for hours until after the "Checking for Changes..." has completed and then takes all of about 10 seconds to transfer the actual new files.  It makes transfering via flash drive much more appealing.

Can someone look at fixing the issue as it makes Dropbox unuseable for the first 30 minutes of every day of work!

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Re: Checking for Changes zombie process every boot now


Hey there @James M.46, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues with this!

When the desktop app is launched, it will need to just do a quick reindex of your files to check if there have been any recent changes. This would be expected.

However, since this seems to take longer recently and is causing some increased CPU usage, can you check out the points listed here to see if any of those are applicable?

Let me know what you find and we can take it from there!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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