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Dropbox icon flashing in system tray

Dropbox icon flashing in system tray

Explorer | Level 3

Windows 10 Pro.  I have two MS profiles set up on my laptop.  One is for work (connected to my work domain).  The other is for my personal use - typical windows profile.  I have been running Dropbox (same application) on both profiles for years.  I also have two dropbox accounts - so each profile connects to different dropbox accounts.  There are a few folders that are shared between those two dropbox accounts. 


Lately - on my personal profile, files I create and save to a dropbox folder are not uploading to the cloud.  They save to my local dropbox folder no problem but are not uploading to my dropbox cloud (and therefore not downloadable by people I want to share those files with).  My dropbox account shows that I have 3GB of 8GB available (using 5.17GB).  My local hard drive shows 24.1 GB free so storage on both local hard drive or dropbox cloud not the issue.  The dropbox folders show 2 blue arrows pointing at each other.  The dropbox icon flashes on intermittently in the system tray as if trying to start, and then disappears.  It cycles every minute or so doing this.  


Interstingly, on my other profile, dropbox is working fine.  In that profile, it is running the same dropbox application, except the dropbox icon stays on permanetly in the icon and files are uploading / downloading properly.  


I have tried uninstalling and reinstalling dropbox (which runs on both profiles).  And still the same problem.  Works fine in my work profile.  But, constantly flashing in my personal profile.  The fact that it runs on one profile and not the other (same computer, same OS, same application) makes it that much more difficult to troubleshoot.  It's not a Windows thing (because that would affect both profiles)  Has anybody else come across this?

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Re: Dropbox icon flashing in system tray


Hey @Jager350, thanks for checking in with us - welcome aboard!


Since you've already trying reinstalling the desktop app - great work by the way! - could you also give an advanced reinstall a shot? Maybe that will do the trick. 


Bear in mind though that if you're on a Basic (free) account, there's a three device limit and you'll have to make sure that you've got less than three devices connected to proceed.


Let me know how it goes, cheers!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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