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Dropbox install on Ubuntu 20.04

Dropbox install on Ubuntu 20.04

New member | Level 2

Tried the Ubuntu Software Centre version of Dropbox. It just gets stuck on a status of "Syncing" and doesn't seem to be doing anything (Recently Changed Files does not show anything)


Then tried the headless install and ran the ./dropboxd executable. I keep getting this error

Unable to monitor entire Dropbox folder hierarchy. Please run "echo fs.inotify.max_user_watches=100000 | sudo tee -a /etc/sysctl.conf; sudo sysctl -p" and restart Dropbox to fix the problem.

I keep running this command and my /etc/sysctl.conf has a number of lines that say fs.inotify.max_user_watches=100000

But i keep getting the above message.


Lastly, i tried the compile-from-source method and i get this error when i run ./configure

checking for pygtk... no
configure: error: couldn't find pygtk


Tried to install pygtk using this script but it doesn't work because of some version issues with libpango.


pango.c: In function ‘_wrap_PangoFont__do_find_shaper’:  

pango.c:3822:32: error: ‘PangoFontClass’ {aka ‘struct _PangoFontClass’} has no member named ‘find_shaper’  

3822 | if (PANGO_FONT_CLASS(klass)->find_shaper) 

| ^~ 

pango.c:3823:38: error: ‘PangoFontClass’ {aka ‘struct _PangoFontClass’} has no member named ‘find_shaper’  

3823 | ret = PANGO_FONT_CLASS(klass)->find_shaper(PANGO_FONT(self->obj), lang, ch); 

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Re: Dropbox install on Ubuntu 20.04


Hey there @eicossa, I hope you're well today!


To have a look into this further, I'd suggest contacting our Support team. Depending on your current plan, you can find out what Support options are available to you from here.


Once you've done this, you can let me know the ticket number (eg. #1234567) so that I can follow up with you there and pass along your comments.



Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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