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Dropbox will not start, but used to

Dropbox will not start, but used to

New member | Level 2

iMac using Big Sur 11.0.1, Macbook Pro using Catalina 10.15.7; using Reuniuon Software for genealogy work. 

I used Dropbox for a long time to keep the data current on either comuter depending on which one I was using at the time. 


I had problems with the iMac when installing new a op system (Big Sur) . The local computer shop got it unfrozen, but now Dropbox does not show on the top of the computer screeor in the Dock,  and when selecting it  from tne Application foldeer I get a message Won't Start. 


I did check, both computers have the same version of Dropbox. I can get around this problem , somewhat by sharing the computers operate the Mcbook Pro from the iMac. But that does not suit very well. I did notice today that the name on the  iMac for the screenI use for entering date has a "2" behind the name, on the Macbook Pro no number shows.  But the files involved do have the same name. 


Kind of disgusted since there is no way to send a meaasge to Dropbox personell to see what is happening. 


I did try bu downloading Dropbox onto the iMac again. I don;t really nedd the genealogy file onn the laptop, but does make it very convenient for use away from home, albieit that is not frequent. Would like it back though.


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Re: Dropbox will not start, but used to

Hey there @Jayeffel; welcome to our Community!

I think you may need to perform a clean, advanced re-install, but before we get there, could you please send us a screenshot of the exact error you're getting?

Thanks so much!

Community Moderator @ Dropbox

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